Around our Catholic Schools

VICKSBURG – The second grade “Saints Celebration”, with assistance from sophomores, is a wonderful tradition at Vicksburg Catholic School. (Photo courtesy of school)
JACKSON – Kindergarteners at St. Richard School performed “The Great Turkey Day Race” play for school students and families before Thanksgiving break. (Photo by Chelsea Dillon)
WEST POINT – Adults and youth at Immaculate Conception parish get competitive at a game of musical chairs with Father Binh Nguyen at the parish fall festival event. (Photo by Cathy Johnson)
PEARL – Nate Pearson and Jojo Roberts get ready for Christmas at the St. Jude Young Apostles youth center on Wednesday, Nov. 15. (Photo by Tereza Ma)
WEST POINT – Two “Ninja Turtles” play some croquet at Immaculate Conception parish’s annual Fall Fest. (Photo by Cathy Johnson)
SOUTHAVEN – PreK three and four year old students culminated their unit on Nursery Rhymes with a Nursery Rhymes Olympic Day. Pictured: Addison Wade as one of the King’s Men gives her crown to another one of the king’s men to ride off and try to put Humpty dumpty back together again. (Photo by Sister Margaret Sue Broker)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick first graders enjoys a super “Saints-giving” party. They learned about their individual saint, dressed as that saint and enjoyed a special snack. (Photo by Kasey Owen)