From the heart

HOLLY SPRINGS – PreK and Kindergarten classes at Holy Family worshiped ‘body and soul’ with Brother Diego Diaz, SCJ. After listening to the lives of the saints, the children sang and danced to the song “Te Amo (I love)” by Israel and New Breed.
HOLLY SPRINGS – (Above) Delivering hot Thanksgiving meals to senior living facility across from the school in Holly Springs is a Holy Family tradition.

Mass – Motion – Friction

COLUMBUS – Annunciation fifth graders, Amy Cancellare, Josalyn Lee and Jack Clemons, work to finish their unit on forces and motion. They did a lab to test how the mass of an object affects its motion. They started by forming hypotheses, measuring the mass of four different balls, completing a test of rolling each ball down a slide and timing its motion. They finalized the lab results by creating graphs and forming conclusions. Turns out, mass does affect motion, but friction can change your results! (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)

109 and counting

CLARKSDALE – This year St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church in Clarksdale stepped it up a notch to celebrate their parish feast day. Father Raju Macherla invited Bishop Joseph Kopacz to join in on the celebration with Mass on Friday, Nov. 12. Reconciliation was held on Saturday, then a closing Mass with a thanksgiving meal was provided on Sunday, Nov. 14. Many families came to the event to reflect on the 109th anniversary of the parish. Pictured is Luke Agostinelli assisting Father Raju Macherla. (Photos by Derrick Faucheux)


School sports

MERIDIAN – Fourth grader, Ayden Rush takes aim in the Knights of Columbus Annual Soccer Challenge. (Photo by Emily Thompson)
JACKSON – St. Richard fifth and sixth grader girls worked on their basketball skills on Saturday, Nov. 13 in the school gym. (Photo by Tereza Ma)

Feast time at St. Patrick parish

MERIDIAN – St. Patrick and St. Joseph parishes had a Thanksgiving feast on Sunday, Nov. 21. Mrs. Teresa LaBiche makes dessert recommendations to Anariah Rue and Scarlett Cayer. (Photos by Tereza Ma)
MERIDIAN – Molly Corbitt Miles has a great conversation with Bishop Joseph Kopacz during the Thanksgiving feast at St. Patrick parish on Nov. 21.

Don’t drop the chili!

GREENVILLE – Thomas Jones has a little fun while packing boxes for the annual food drive for St. Vincent de Paul. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)

Go forth and set the world on fire


Field trip fun


Helping those in need

JACKSON – Members of St. Jude Pearl’s Feed My Sheep ministry gathered to feed the homeless and hungry in Poindexter park on Sunday, Oct. 24. The team served pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, slaw and dessert. Donations of white crew socks are always needed for the ministry. (Photos by Rhonda Bowden)
COLUMBUS – Annunciation third grade student, Keegan Collier gives a high five to the Columbus Lowndes Humane Society mascot, Columbus, after making a canned food donation for Red Ribbon Week. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)

Watch out for your fingers!

FLOWOOD – Member’s of St. Paul parish’s BIG DEAL youth group carved pumpkins during their Halloween party on Oct. 27. (Photos courtesy of Renee Borne)

Fall fest fun

PEARL – The St. Jude Young Apostles held a Halloween party for families and children of the parish on Saturday, Oct. 30. Pictured, the Joel Dillard family enjoys playing one of the many games offered by the Young Apostles. (Photos by Rhonda Bowden)
CLARKSDALE – Steele Britt (center) concentrates on getting the winning number on the cake walk at St. Elizabeth’s annual Trunk or Treat event. (Photo by Derrick Faucheux)
WEST POINT – Deisy Moreno hands out treats to Nicolas Garcia-Ramirez and Emma Garcia from her festive trunk at Immaculate Conception parish. (Photos by Cathy Johnson)
BROOKHAVEN – St. Francis parish hosted a Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat event with fellowship and games. (Photos by Erin Womack)

Dia de Muertos


Dinosaur takeover

COLUMBUS – Annunciation kindergarten students wrap up their unit on dinosaurs with a dinosaur parade up and down the school hallways. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)

Garden delight

Red Ribbon Week

MERIDIAN – Fifth graders Jackson Spitzkeit and Helena Rutledge have their picture made by their teacher Lindi Palmer. This dress up day was a part of Red Ribbon Week – “Dress as your favorite book character – Good Character Counts!”(Photo by Emily Thompson)

Art: of Mass and of pumpkins

SOUTHAVEN – Izzy, Eli and Maddie with Bishop Joseph Kopacz during the recessional of Mass at Sacred Heart School on Monday, Oct. 18. (Photo by Sister Margaret Sue Broker)
MADISON – For St. Anthony’s annual pumpkin contest, third grader Madison McCullough put together Father Albeen Vatti and Kindergartener, Morgan McCullough made Msgr. Mike Flannery. (Photo by Amanda McCullough)

Exploring science

MERIDIAN – Fourth grader Jeremiah Mari presents his contraption to the judges of the Knights of Columbus Creative Contraptions Competition at St. Patrick School. Pictured left to right: Mark Hampton, Mouise Richards, Bob Leo, Jeremiah Mari and Tom Zettler. (Photo by courtesy of St. Patrick School)
COLUMBUS – Annunciation seventh grade student, Hollis Fenstermacher, participates in a “Melting Ice Lab” which is an inquiry-based activity that lets students explore the effects that melting ice has on the temperature of its surroundings. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)


At Catholic Schools, ‘S’ stands for support

(Right) St. Joseph High School students, Lou Burle and Dillan Reed, participate in a classroom discussion at a local coffee shop, Grounded Sister.

VICKSBURG – Sophomores, Katelyn Clark and Sawyer McCain, aid second grade student Zoey Nichols with a lesson about saints. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
MERIDIAN – Regina Meachum, St. Patrick School librarian, teaches first grader, London Wilson, how to type. (Photo by Emily Thompson)


Houses unite at St. Richard school

JACKSON – St. Richard Pre-K4 Andrew Whitfield and Cruz Spiller students enjoyed their lesson on “Tt is for Teddy” with a tea party with teddy grahams and teddy bears.
JACKSON – The St. Richard House of Pascal had their first meeting of the year on Friday, Sept. 24. Sixth grade leaders shared their knowledge of their house saint with the other Cardinals. The house system is similar to Harry Potter, but the St. Richard houses are named after Saints such as Benedict, Blaise, Cornelius, Demerici, dePaul, Ignatius, Maximillian, Paschal, Pius, Sebastian, Seton, Sienna, Trinity and Xavier. (Photos by Chelsea Hamilton)

Fiesta time at Annunciation

COLUMBUS – Pre-K student, Carson McCann dances to the beat during the class fiesta. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)

Natchez CYO is serious about service

NATCHEZ – (Above) Helen Schwager, Gracie Bradley and Ricky and Brent Warren work to load up trucks for a trip down to Luling, Louisiana to aid with Hurricane Ida relief.
NATCHEZ – Led by Deacon Andrew Bowden, the St. Mary CYO worked on cleaning and filling old votive candle holders from the Sacristy with new wax and wicks before painting them to sell them in a fundraiser after Mass in November for people to light in memory of loved ones. Above, Deacon Andrew demonstrates the technique. Also pictured are Sally Hudson Linton, Emma Ledford and Helen Schwager. (Photos by Carrie Golden Lambert)

Are you ready for some football?

MADISON – St. Anthony and St. Richard third and fourth graders faced off at their first flag football game of the season on Wednesday, Sept. 29. (Photo by Joanna Puddister King)
MADISON – St. Joseph Bruins battled Simpson Academy on the gridiron on Friday, Sept. 24. (Photo by Joanna Puddister King)


MADISON – St. Anthony fifth grade students, Tanner White (left) and Drew Ring (right) used the scientific method to test the effectiveness of different types of face coverings. A specfic face covering was deemed ineffective if a candle flame could be blown out while wearing the face covering. The students determined that neck gaiters were ineffective face coverings. (Photo courtesy of Vicki Moorehead)
NATCHEZ – Youth get creative in the St. Mary CYO scavenger hunt. Clockwise from top: Kinslee Young (in purple), Lacy Fair, Wells Linton, SK Cauthen, Graci Gamberi, Sally Hudson Linton and Liza Gregg (in green). (Photo courtesy of Carrie Golden Lambert)
GREENVILLE – Elementary students had some pre-game fun for the first home football game. Go Irish! (Photo by Nikki Thompson)
VICKSBURG – Vicksburg Catholic School took time to honor first responders for a special 9/11 Prayer Service. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick first grader, Cayden Gray hangs up his art work about Adam and Eve after completing a lesson on how God made man in His image. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
COLUMBUS – Annunciation Pre-K students, Atlas McCullough and Atlas Banks practice good manners during a manners tea party. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
MADISON – St. Joseph seniors (l-r) Cole Spivey and Jake Ramsey help Catholic Charities supporters to find the correct table for the Journey of Hope luncheon with Elizabeth Smart. (Photo by Tereza Ma)


Farewell sixth grade

JACKSON – St. Richard school displayed headshot signs of all sixth graders to honor their next step in their next academic journeys. (Photo by Tereza Ma)

Final Mass

MERIDIAN – St. Patrick Catholic School held its final Mass of the school year in recognition of outgoing sixth graders on Thursday, May 20. Pictured (left): Elizabeth Crudup giving her farewell speech. Above, Father Augustine Palimattam and John Harwell offer blessings during communion to sixth grader Charli Robin and first grader Caden Ruffin. (Photos by Emily Thompson)

Pentecost picnic

PEARL – St. Jude parish celebrated Pentecost with an open air picnic with chicken and catfish prepared by the Knights of Columbus, as well as, ice cream and popcorn. All members were excited to get together and connect with friends. Three generations of Paczak family are pictured at the picnic. (Photos by Tereza Ma)

All smiles for Baptism

ANGUILLA – Our Mother of Mercy Mission celebrated a baptism on Easter Sunday. Pictured is Father Sleeva Mekala, Brantley Weeks, Casie Weeks, Grant Weeks and Grady Weeks. (Photo by Latrice Mahalitc)

Summer camp

VICKSBURG – Girls in the community get together for Softball Camp at Vicksburg Catholic Schools to enhance their skills and have fun. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)

VICKSBURG – Emmy Reese Walker, Lyla McMillin and Tegan Batey paint beautiful rainbows at Vicksburg Catholic Schools Art Camp. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)

MADISON – Youth gather for St. Joseph’s baseball camp to enhance skills and have some fun. (Photo courtesy of St. Joseph Catholic School)

GREENVILLE – Jerrian King, Kye Nelson, Roury McCloyen, Greg Fore, Cliff Perry, Carson Graham and CJ Moore, members of the Fighting Irish, attended football camp at Mississippi State. (Photo courtesy of Nikki Thompson)

Vacation Bible Study

PEARL – St. Jude parish hosts Vacation Bible School on Wednesdays. The parish has fun ways for youth to learn more about Jesus and all of the saints. (Photos by Tereza Ma)


May crownings around the diocese

JACKSON – St. Richard students Morgan Gates and Mae Rose Harkins work together to place a crown on Mary. (Photo by Lavonne Bruckner)
SOUTHAVEN – Gabby Porter places a crown of flowers on Mary. Also pictured is Cecilia Marie Hensley, holding the pillow. (Photo by Laura Grisham)
MADISON – St. Anthony sixth grade students Crawford Kraft and Emily Loyacono crown Mary during the school’s May Crowning Mass. (Photo by Kati Loyacono)
JACKSON – Fifth grader, Charis Ngong places a large crown of flowers on Mary in the prayer corner at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School. (Photo by Shae Goodman-Robinson)
NATCHEZ – Cathedral School PreK-3 student Landry Gaude’ crowns Mary during the PreK May Crowning ceremony on Monday, May 3, 2021. (Photo by Jody Upton)

Crowning Mary Mass

GREENVILLE – St. Joseph Catholic School celebrated their May Crowning Mass on Wednesday, May 5. Pictured are senior girls at their last Mass at the school before graduation. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)

Field day fun

MERIDIAN – Father Augustine Palimattam and Father Andrew Nguyen join in the field day balloon toss fun with fourth grader, Jackson Spitzkeit and third grader, Zy’Terrion Washington, as Coach Adrian Viger supervises. St. Patrick School held its first of three field days on Friday, May 7. Photo by Emily Thompson)

Running for education

SOUTHAVEN – Seventh and eighth grade students, armed with punch cards to tally their laps, begin their hour-long journey around the parking lot to raise money for Sacred Heart School for the fourth annual Race for Education Day. (Photo by Laura Grisham)


May Crowning

GREENVILLE – St. Joseph senior, Madison Cain crowns Mary with the help of Simar Thomas. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick Catholic School first grade students Kayleigh Johnson and Kyler Hill place roses in front of Mary during the May Crowning Children’s Mass on Thursday, May 5, 2021. (Photo by Emily Thompson)
Abby Grace Roach and Camilla Jeffers crown Mary during VCS’s May Crowning. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
COLUMBUS – May Crowning was held on Monday, May 3 at Annunciation School. Eighth graders and prekindergartners brought flowers to adorn Mary. Pictured is eighth grader, Armando Leyva placing Mary’s crown. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick School first grader Valentina Espino places a crown of flowers on Mary during the May Crowning Children’s Mass Thursday, May 5, 2021.(Photo by Emily Thompson)
NATCHEZ – Cathedral School second graders Skylar Huff, Alexa Hardy, Kate Carlton and Clifford Tillman place flowers in front of Mary during the traditional May Crowning. (Photo by Amy Gamberi)

Survival in the Arctic

JACKSON – St. Richard students learn about how animals can survive in the Arctic region. Pictured is first grade teacher Rachel Caver with Garrett Fridge, Asher Smith and Mia Nasif. (Photo by Chelsea Hamilton)