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CLINTON – Holy Savior Parish, Confirmation, Sept. 9. Bottom row, l-r: Chenoa Dillon, Dawson Dubra, Cecelia Ballentine, Katherine McCombs, Bishop Joseph Kopacz, Katrina Sanchez, Matthew Weiss, Kaitlyn Hamilton and Joseph Thaggard.
Middle row, l-r: Father Nick Adam, Levi Tripp, Tristan Ballard, Lily Nalker, Payton Galloway and Abigail Vargheese.
Back row, l-r: Max Thornhill, Evan LaMarca, Raegan Jones, Belle West, Ashton Senger, Father Thomas McGing, Father Noel Prendergast. (Photo by Charlie O’Clair)
LELAND – Allye Franklin and Rick Smythe, II received the sacrament of first communion on Sept. 20 at St. James Parish on Sept. 20 from Father Sleeva Mekala. (Photo courtesy of Deborah Ruggeri)


COLUMBUS – (Above) Miller Graham says a blessing with his class over the canned food they collected for Helping Hands. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
MERIDIAN – (Above) Rush Health Systems recently donated 140 reusable cloth masks to St. Patrick School. Pictured is Emily Thompson giving a mask to St. Patrick PreK student Jehrrod Johnson. (Photo by Montse Frias)
JACKSON – (Right) On the first Friday of the month, Saint Richard students pray the rosary together. Pictured, Fourth grader Emma Williams prays silently as she waits for her teacher’s next instruction. (Photo by Emily Garner)
GREENVILLE – St. Joseph had visitors for Mass! Father Nick Adam from Jackson and Father Stephen Hart from Lake Village both celebrated Mass with students in the school gym. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)
MADISON – (Below) St. Anthony pre-K3 student Claudia Castilleja-Montalvo enjoyed observing nature close-up. Students held a baby lizard, dug for worms and watched march flies. Then, they released all of God’s little creatures back into the wild. (Photo by Amy D’Alfonso)

Youth news

Mississippi history

COLUMBUS – Mrs. Moore’s fourth graders at Annunciation School worked to create a large timeline for Mississippi history events. (Photos by Katie Fenstermacher)

Learning is yummy

CLARKSDALE – Learning is fun (and yummy) in Mrs. Curcio’s first grade math class at St. Elizabeth School. Student Bowen Anderson sorts and graphs using skittles. (Photo by Mary Evelyn Stonestreet)

Southaven silly socks

SOUTHAVEN – Students celebrated the 73rd anniversary of Sacred Heart School with crazy sock and shoe day on Sept. 16. (Photo by Sister Margaret Sue Broker)

Field day fun in Natchez

NATCHEZ – On Sept. 13, St. Mary’s CYO members had some field day fun at Memorial Park behind St. Mary Basilica. (Photo by Carrie Lambert)


FLOWOOD – Mariah Grace Morris St. Paul Catholic Church received the Sacrament of First Communion on Aug. 9. (Photo by Jamie Morris)
GREENWOOD – Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, First Communion, Aug. 16, Left to Right: Orla Barnes with sponsor Jessica Barnes; Lucy Hicks with sponsor Meredith Brown; Michael Martin with sponsor David Grossman; Nate Slater with sponsor Mandy Skelton; Kittrell Smith with sponsor Javier Zapien; Britt Nokes with sponsor Barry Barth; Jack Stuckey with sponsor Daniel Smith; and Louis Brown with sponsor Matthew Hicks. (Photo by Caroline Stuckey)
LELAND – (right) St. James Parish, Confirmation, Sept. 10, Front row (l-r): Ellie Zepponi, Graci Pickell, Madison Henry, Hannah Lloyd and Lane Walker.
Back row: Reeves Polasini, Walker Zepponi, Leland Zepponi, Kaid Polasini and Brett Chustz. (Photo by Deborah Ruggeri)
CORINTH – St. James Parish, Confirmation, Aug. 15, Pictured are Ania Ambrocio, Andrew Ayala, Angela Fuentes, Eulises Cobos, Brisanda Luna, Julia Martinez, Kevin Posadas, Elizabeth Soliz, Luis Zuñiga, Jesus Robles, Oswaldo Mejia, Mateo Molina and Italy Molina.
(Photo by Josefina Preza)
CORINTH – St. James Parish, Laisha Sorcia received her First Communion certificate on Aug. 15 from Father Mario Solorzano. (Photo by Josefina Preza)
VICKSBURG – Jackson Fontenot and Elizabeth Theriot recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Michael parish in Vicksburg. They are pictured with Father Robert Dore.
VICKSBURG – Jameson Piazza is all smiles after receiving his First Holy Communion at St. Michael from Father Robert Dore. (Photos by Caroline Stuckey)
MERIDIAN – Pictured left to right, Manning Miles, Matthew Heggie and Lauren Massey received their First Communion from Father Andrew Nguyen and Father Augustine Palimattam on Saturday, Aug. 1 at St. Patrick Parish. (Photo by John Harwell)
MERIDIAN – Ollie Holcomb received her First Communion at St. Joseph Parish from Father Augustine Palimattam on Sunday, Aug. 16. (Photo by John Harwell)
FLOWOOD – Tennyson Walker receives a certificate for his First Communion at St. Paul parish from Father Gerry Hurley on Sunday, Aug. 9. (Photo by Kimberly Walker)
FOREST – Morton’s Confirmation group at St. Michael Parish, Pictured left to right: Emily Ponce, Hugo Salazar, Diana Carrillo, Father Roberto Mena, ST, Catti Pérez, Iris Pérez and Marvin. (Photo courtesy of Father Roberto Mena, ST)

Recuerdos de Sacramentos

FOREST y MORTON – Después de la apertura de la iglesia de San Miguel, siete niños recibieron la primera comunión y seis jóvenes su confirmación (i-d) Emily Ponce, Hugo Salazar, Diana Carrillo, padre Roberto, Catti Pérez, Iris Pérez y Marvin. (Fotos por cortesía del padre Roberto Mena, ST)


CARTHAGE – En la foto (arriba-centro), en el día de su Confirmación (i-d) primera fila de arriba Edgar Modesto, Anthony Garcia, Sandra Pérez, P. Odel Medina ST, Efraín López, Giovany Garcia, Karol López; fila de abajo: (i-d) P. Gustavo Amell ST, Tracy López , Daysy Modesto, Yazmin González, Yocelyn González, Evelio Ramírez y Nicodemo López (catequista). (foto cortesía de Oscar Aguilón.)
En foto (derecha), en el día de su confirmación, arriba (i-d) Anderson Morales, Fr. Odel Medina S.T, Héctor Raúl; abajo (i-d) Hugo Agustín, Marco Vásquez, Mirna Miranda, Yesica López, Cheryl Salvador, Suleima Anahi, y Nicodemo Lopez (catequista). (fotos cortesía de Gionavy Garcia)

En foto (izquierda), primer grupo que recibió primera Comunión, el 25 de julio para celebrar la fiesta de Santa Ana, (i-d) en altar Poedro López, Padre. Odel Medina S.T, Enmanuel Modesto, Yens Snyder López; abajo (i-d) Edward López, Amber Salvador, Alan Modesto, Casandra López, JaDavis L. Rayveon y Lou Joyner (catequista).


MERIDIAN – (Above) St. Patrick Parish Confirmation, Aug. 22, First Row (l-r): Father Andrew Nguyen, Hannah Grace Hannington, Kirstie Graves, Maci Manning, Dennilyn Hoang, Callie Matthews and Marisol Garcia.
Second Row: Miller Hodge, Zane Pritchard, Toan (Tom Tom) Nguyen, Seth Auzennne, Father Augustine Palimattam, Zachary Purdy, Rebecca Lee and Maria Mayo-Ramos.
Pictured Below: Hayden Dickerson receives the sacrament of Confirmation from Father Augustine Palimattam. (Photos by John Harwell)
VICKSBURG – St. Michael Parish, Confirmation, Front Row: Faith Beamish, Samantha Graves, Alana Latorre, Anna Lamanilao, Christina Waisner and Keely Ramshur. Middle Row: Victoria Morehead, Katlyn Donovan, Julia Liggett, Mary Reilly Powell, Grace Gannon, Leah Larson and Maggie Roberson. Back Row: Father P.J. Curley, Dillon Chambers, Andy Bufkin, Father Robert Dore, Jack Gannon and Carter Magee. (Photo by Helene Benson)
JACKSON – Gemma Metzger celebrated her First Communion at St.Richard Parish on June 21. (Photo by Gina Metzger)
OXFORD – St. John the Evangelist, First Communion, July 17, Pictured (l-r): Garrett Klawitter, Daniel Peters, Jack Whelan, John Whelan, Emily Guerrero, Alyssa Schamell, Hailey Thompson, Ashley Neal, Father Joe Tonos, Celestina-Ly Rodrigues, Lila Merkel, Madeline Thornton, Mary Elizabeth Brents, Collins Helveston, Jacob Albright and Grayson Knapp. (Photo by Gene Buglewicz)
AMORY – Georgie Hesse and Loretta Seifert received their First Holy Communion on Saturday, Aug. 29, at St. Helen Church in Amory in a special Mass with their families. (Photo by Jean Pinkley)
PEARL – Patience Beatrice-Celeste Brown received the sacrament of Confirmation on July 26 at St. Jude Parish. She is pictured with her proud parents Allison and Kimberley Naylor. (Photo by Kimberley Brown)
VICKSBURG – (Above) St. Michael Parish, First Communion, Front Row (l-r): Ashlyn Naya, Blakely Farrell, Andrew Blake and Sophia Purdy.
Back Row (l-r): Lanie Weeks, Mary Helen Bradley, Father Robert Dore, Noah Ponder and Jackson Ratliff. (Photo by Helene Benson)
FOREST – St. Michael Parish, First Communion class. (Photo courtesy of Father Roberto Mena, ST)
GREENWOOD – Father Joachim Studwell, OFM celebrated the sacrament of First Communion on Saturday, Aug. 1 at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. (Photo courtesy of Father Joachim Studwell)
SOUTHAVEN – Henry Bowling of Holy Spirit Hernando celebrated his First Communion at Christ the King Parish on Aug. 1. (Photo by Terra Bowling)
CARTHAGE – St. Anne Parish, Confirmation, Front row: (l-r) Father Gustavo Amell, ST, Tracy Lopez, Daysy Modesto, Yazmin Gonzalez, Yocelyn Gonzalez, Evelio Ramirez and Nicodemo Lopez (catequist). Back row: (l-r)Edgar Modesto, Anthony Garcia, Sandra Perez, Father Odel Medina, ST, Efrain Lopez, Giovany Garcia and Karol Lopez. (Photo courtesy of Oscar Aguilon)
St. Anne Parish, Confirmation, Front row: (l-r) Hugo Agustin, Marco Vasquez, Mirna Miranda, Yesica Lopez, Cheryl Salvador, Suleima Anahi and Nicodemo Lopez (catequist). Second row: (l-r) Anderson Morales, Father Odel Medina, ST and Hector Raul. (Photo by Gionavy Garcia)
FLOWOOD – Alexander Jose Quintero celebrated his First Communion at St. Paul Parish on Aug. 9. He is pictured here with his family after the service. (Photo by Carolina Quintero)


COLUMBUS – On Aug. 27, kindergarten students practiced their parachuting skills in P.E. class with Father Jeffrey Waldrep. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
NATCHEZ – (Below) Teens, parents and Knights of Columbus joined together to work on yards on Sunday, Aug. 30. Every six weeks youth from St. Mary Basilica get together with the Knights of Columbus to work on the yard of an older person who needs help. (Photo by Carrie Lambert)
JACKSON – (Left) Father Nick Adam recently spoke to the sixth grade classes at Saint Richard School about vocations. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and visit with Father Nick about his new role as director of vocations for the Diocese of Jackson. (Photo by Emily Myers Garner)


Mississippi Catholic will publish Sacrament pages in upcoming editions.
This means we need First Communion and Confirmation photos.
Due to COVID-19, we understand there may not be group shots,
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CLINTON – Holy Savior, First Communion, Wednesday, June 17. Front row, (l-r): Paige Galloway, Daniel Kieffer and Hunter Verret. Middle row, (l-r): Addie Threadgill and Piper Behan. Back row, (l-r): Nora Melancon, Father Thomas McGing and Dakota Bennett. (Photo by Charlie O’Clair)
MADISON – Chance Pittman celebrated his First Communion at St. Francis of Assisi on Saturday, July 25. (Photo by Steve Pittman)
NATCHEZ – (Above) St. Mary Basilica, Confirmation, Tuesday, July 14. Front row (l-r): Chase Kaiser, Ayden Rojo, Clayton Devening, Liam Blackburn, Mia Romero, Rose Schwager, Ryan Skates, Nathan Gaude and Lesley Martinez.
Back row (l-r): Parochial Vicar Father Mark Shoffner and Pastor Father Scott Thomas. (Photo courtesy of St. Mary Basilica)

Youth news

Youth work camp at Cathedral school

NATCHEZ – On Monday and Tuesday, July 20 and 21, a group of CYO members and adult sponsors worked to beautify the Cathedral School flower beds and playground sites for the approaching opening of school.
Thirty-five youth along with nine adults did a fantastic job sprucing up the property. The youth engaged in multiple jobs throughout the week.

NATCHEZ – Jag Gilfoil and Ryan Carney work on the rose bushes in front of Seton Hall at Cathedral school.
Meredith Lessley trims the bushes near the Cathedral school gym.
CYO students pull weeds on the Cathedral elementary school playground.(Photos by Carrie Golden Lambert)

VBS is a treasure in Madison

On July 13, the first day of home Vacation Bible School, Emerson and Harper Schuhmann dig in to their treasure chests of materials for the week. (Photo by Abbey Schuhmann)
Presleigh and Harlee Kate Nassar are showing their Welcome Holy Spirit door hangers and treasure chest snack crafts on the last day of VBS. (Photo courtesy Nassar family)