Mississippi Catholic was established in 1954. The newspaper is a member of the Catholic Media Association and the Catholic Advertising Network and subscribes to Catholic News Service.


Publisher: Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz
Communications Director/Editor: Joanna King
Production Manager: Tereza Ma
Mississippi Catholic is published (printed) twice per month December and January; and once per month February – November (plus digital) – 14 times per year. The paper is home delivered by mail and is dated Fridays. An additional digital only edition is published February – May and September – November. Our summer schedule for June, July and August will have one print edition plus digital. In total with the printed and digital only, Mississippi Catholic publishes 21 editions per year.


We welcome submissions of all kinds: story ideas, photographs, and guest-written stories. If you are going to submit something, the staff needs to know its coming by the Wednesday prior to publication. The actual material is due the Friday before publication. Email submissions to editor@jacksondiocese.org or call with questions: 601-969-3581.

Here is a quick reference sheet on how and what to submit: How to send news.
Click here for the schedule and ad rate sheet for 2024

Some notes: We do not publish everything submitted. Photographs must be of the highest quality (actual size). They are not of high enough resolution to print. Photos should have crisp, clear focus and must have captions identifying all the people in the photo. They should be properly framed and sent in high-resolution format, 300 dpi or higher.

We do not accept posed group photos (with the exception of First Communion and Confirmation photos). This means no ‘trophy or check shots.’ We want action shots. If your youth group collected food for the food bank, send a photo of them collecting or packaging or delivering the food. We will not run a photo of them standing by the boxes. Tell a story with your photos.

We do not print material that is divisive or proclaims teachings contrary to those of the church. We also reserve the right to edit copy for length and correct grammar, spelling and conform to AP style.

If you are requesting coverage of an event, think a month in advance. Since the paper comes out twice per month, we will need to publish earlier than you might think. Send post-event photos as soon as you can as well.

As always, if you have any questions, contact our staff at editor@jacksondiocese.org or 601-969-3581.