Called by Name

Even though I was “frozen in” for a nearly a full work week the work of promoting vocations is going strong. Prediscernment Prayer Nights are off and running across the diocese. Bishop Kopacz and I teamed up for our opening night at St. Richard and I have since presided at adoration and benediction in Vicksburg and Gluckstadt. I have enjoyed getting to see young people and supporters of vocations from across the diocese and this is just the beginning. In the next few weeks, I’ll be in McComb, Natchez, Greenville, Greenwood, Cleveland, Southaven and beyond. These prayer nights are doing the job of helping me identify young men and women who need the diocese’s support in going a little deeper in their discernment. As I get to know men and women dedicated to following God’s call, I can help plug them into experiences that will help them come closer to making a decision which can often be intimidating.

I have also launched a new podcast project called “The Discerning Catholic Podcast.” It is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The podcast is not a “vocations project” per se, but I do hope that it attracts the ears of men and women who are actively discerning. Podcasts are very popular with millennials, at least they are popular with this millennial, and I believe that I can provide content that is helpful for any Catholic looking to apply the faith to their life. The show is geared toward analyzing our culture through the lens of the church. I do not seek to give my opinion, but rather I try to give the public the church’s view on various issues. “The Discerning Catholic” is released on Sunday and Wednesday nights. The Sunday podcast includes my homily from the weekend with a commentary attached in which I go deeper into the topic that I preached about. The Wednesday podcast deals with an “uncomfortable” issue and I seek to apply church teaching to said issue. In between these segments are more fun things where I do give my take on pop culture, sports and other topics. The broadcasting bug has never left me I suppose, and again I hope that this is a life-giving source of information. Tell your friends!

So, lots of great things in the works, please keep our seminarians in your prayers! I was able to check in with all of them while I was snowed-under and I continue to be grateful for the quality men that are studying for our diocese!

Prediscernment Prayer Night Schedule

Tuesday, March 2, 6-7 PM – St. Joseph Greenville

Thursday, March 4, 6-7 PM – Immaculate Heart of Mary Greenwood

Tuesday, March 16, 6-7 PM – Our Lady of Victories Cleveland

Wednesday, March 17, 6-7 PM – Christ the King Southaven