Visiting priest brings healing and liberation to area Hispanics

By Berta Mexidor
JACKSON – Father Dirk Kranz of the Diocese of Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, spent three days with Hispanic families here in the Diocese of Jackson, which helped to help bring about healing and hope to those in the wake of recent immigration raids, that left many in crisis and grieving the possible separation of loved ones.
Father Kranz, better known in the Hispanic world as Father Padre Teodoro (or Padre Teo for short), is a much-sought-after speaker, evangelist and director of San Miguel Arcángel Foundation for Healing and Liberation, an apostolate of volunteer lay and professionals dedicated to ministering to both individuals and families.
The “Luz y Vida” Prayer Group of Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle in Jackson headed up by Orlando Marín and Ivan Varela extended the invitation to Father Teo, who visited Aug. 16-18 at various locations and venues. He was accompanied by Susana Godoy, a recognized therapist, who is a volunteer with the San Miguel Arcángel Foundation and a specialist, who provides therapy to support people facing day-to-day challenges.
Father Teo’s visit included meetings with diocesan leaders at the chancery and his programs included dynamic talks, question and answer sessions, prayers, Masses and anecdotes entertaining and inspiring all.
The presence of Father Teo was highly anticipated in the diocese and beyond as word spread of his arrival. According to the website Catoliscopio, Father Teo is one of 10 most popular Spanish priests, who make the most “noise” on social networks.
Father Teo, who has a doctoral of theology and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, speaks five different languages. He has faithful followers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook alone, he has over 400,000 followers, a testimony of his popularity and ministry of spiritual healing and liberation, apparently much desired by souls of all ages and walks of life.

Father Teo spent much time in the diocese at St. Jude Parish in Pearl. Father Lincoln Dall, St. Jude pastor and vicar general of the Diocese of Jackson, welcomed him on behalf of the diocese. As part of the day, Father Teodoro and Father Dall concelebrated Mass.
Aug. 17, Father Teo led a healing retreat with prayer at Richland Community Center in Richland. Hundreds of Hispanic Catholics from the diocese and various states turned out to participate after word spread about his visit.
Special guest on hand was Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity Father Roberto Mena. A native of Guatemala and radio host on Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) Spanish radio, Father Mena is commissioned by Pope Francis and wears the title “Missionary of Mercy.” In total, 1,000 priests from around the world are blessed with the honor and the duty to go out among the people delivering the message of God’s love and mercy through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
During the conference, Father Mena was there offering the Sacrament of Reconciliation to all those who wanted to meet Christ and experience his forgiveness and peace in the confessional. The lines were long with people of all ages.
Father Teo’s visit concluded on Aug. 18 with time spent at the Cathedral of St. Peter. The priest’s whirl-wind visit was short, but apparently, he touched many hearts and brought spiritual healing and peace to many souls.

(Conferences, Mississippi Catholic’s interview and Q&A sessions will be available, in Spanish, on YouTube and Facebook of “Padre Teodoro”)