Catechist Companion updated, improved

By Maureen Smith
JACKSON – The diocesan Department of Faith Formation has begun distributing the new edition of The Catechist Companion to parishes and schools. The companion is a curriculum guide for catechesis from kindergarten through 12th grade.
Each section of the book contains expectations for teachers of what students should grasp at the end of each year. There is also a section with the Catholic High School curriculum in it.
“We recognized the need to have this document updated and published as it is a vital tool for making sure our young people are learning about their faith in an age appropriate, consistent manner,” said Fran Lavelle, director of faith formation for the diocese. “We also recognize however, that there are many nuances in a diocese like ours with both rural and urban populations. The book should be used as a tool that aides in creating benchmarks for catechist.”
Lavelle worked with Contyna McNealy, coordinator for creative services for the diocese, to reformat the companion. It was printed in sections in a three-ring binder to make it easy for directors/coordinators of religious education to make copies for catechists by grade.
“We listened to the DRE/CREs and delivered a product that best suited their needs. A large review and editing committee worked very hard to get the document revised,” said Lavelle.
The books will be distributed to parishes and schools during the coming weeks and will also be available online on the Faith Formation page of the diocesan website, for download.