Let it Snow: many celebrated Immaculate Conception under blanket of white

Philadelphia, Holy Cross

PHILADELPHIA – On Friday, Dec. 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a winter storm dropped five-to-six inches of snow in central Mississippi. Mississippi Catholic thanks all those who shared photos. Above, Holy Cross Parish looks like a postcard. (Photo by Clara Sims of Mississippi and the South)

Pearl, St. Jude

PEARL – St. Jude Parish. (Photo by Rhonda Bowden)

Madison, St. Francis

MADISON– St. Francis of Assisi. (Photo by Sallie Ann Inman)

Jackson, St. Richard

JACKSON – St. Richard School’s football field was perfect for a snowball fight. (Photo by Jeff Amy)

Jackson, Cathedral St. Peter

JACKSON – St. Peter Cathedral. (Photo by Joann Green)

Vicksburg, St. Michael

VICKSBURG – St. Michael’s Parish sign got a good dusting. (Photo by Helene Benson)