Pastoral Assignments 2018

Father Augustine Palimattam is appointed pastor of Meridian St. Patrick and St. Joseph Parishes effective Thursday, July 5.
Father Darnis Selvanayakam is appointed pastor of Philadelphia Holy Cross Parish effective Thursday, July 5.
Father Binh Nguyen is appointed pastor West Point Immaculate Conception Parish effective Thursday, July 5.
Father José de Jesús Sánchez is appointed pastor of Greenwood Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish effective Wednesday, August 1.
Father Joseph Le is appointed parochial vicar of Tupelo St. James Parish effective Monday, August 20.
Father Raju Macherla is appointed chaplain for St. Dominic’s Health Services effective Monday, August 20.
Joel Schultz is appointed Lay Ecclesial Minister of Booneville St. Francis of Assisi Parish and Iuka St. Mary Mission effective Sunday, July 1.