New testament class supports Pastoral Priorities

By Elsa Baughman
PEARL – The Office of Hispanic Ministry began offering a new set of classes on the New Testament to help Hispanic Catholics deepen their Catholic faith and prepare them for service in their communities. The first class, presented by Renaldy Gutierrez from the Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI) based in Miami, was on the Synoptic Gospels. The course delved in the differences and similarities among the three Gospels: Mark, Matthew and Luke.
Almost 70 Hispanic Catholics from Jackson, Forest, Morton, Canton and Hazlehurst, attended the nine-hour class held at Pearl St. Jude Parish on Saturday, Jan. 27. Each of the three Gospels was analyzed by studying the authors, dates and places of origin, styles, sources, their intended audience and their Christology. As part of the class dynamic, participants gathered in groups to answer questions dealing with each theme. A representative of each group explained what they had discussed, making the class very engaging.
Sister María Elena Méndez, MGSPS, from the Office of Hispanic Ministry, said these classes are being offered to answer the need for continuing education for those who minister to others in our diocese, one of the priorities identified in the Pastoral Priorities planning process as well as in the Encuentro process throughout the diocese.
“Those who attended were very eager to learn and be witnesses of the love of God in their lives and in their parishes,” said Sister María Elena.
The themes and dates of the other four classes are: The Gospel of John and his letters, Feb. 24; Acts of the Apostles and the apostolic letters, March 24; the Pauline letters, April 28; and the Book of Revelation. The date for this last class has not yet been determined.
This is the fourth group of classes offered by the Office of Hispanic Ministry in collaboration with SEPI.

PEARL – Brother Ted Dausch, CFC, speaks with a small group of Hispanic Catholics who attended a nine-hour class on the Synoptic Gospels at St. Jude Parish. The class was offered by the office of Hispanic Ministry. (Photo by Elsa Baughman)

(Elsa Baughman is the retired editor of Mississippi Católico)