St. John parishioners ‘adopt’ students

OXFORD – New and current University of Mississippi students at times need a local contact or friend who can help them connect with the Oxford, University or church communities. At times these young people may need someone to just talk to, attend Mass and church functions with someone familiar, contact local professionals, share a good home-cooked meal, or even celebrate holidays or birthdays when they can’t travel home.
To meet this need, Mille Smith of Oxford St. John Parish, is recruiting volunteer parish families willing to adopt Ole Miss students and provide information, activity and mentoring services. The families would be available to students as a friend and local contact.
Both students and parishioners complete a questionnaire asking for information such as contact phone number and email address, birthplace, Alma-mater, scholastic major and degrees, occupation and hobbies and interests. Mille will match students with families based on commonalities in the questionnaire.
Approximately 40 St. John families have already volunteered to serve as student families. Ole Miss students, parents of students or St. John parishioners with questions may email Millie Smith at or call her at 901-848-1335.