Church celebrates holiest week

Palm Sunday

Pearl, St. Jude Parish photos by Rhonda Bowden

Carthage, St. Anne Parish photos by Sister Maria Elena, MGSpS

Chrism Mass

Jackson, St. Peter photos by Tereza Ma ans Maureen Smith


Holy Thursday

Pearl, St. Jude Parish photos by Tereza Ma

Good Friday

Jackson, St. Therese Parish photos by Elsa Baughman

No Catholic Church offers Mass on Good Friday. Instead, they may have stations or veneration of the cross.

Easter Vigil

Jackson, St. Peter photos by Maureen Smith


Church celebrates Easter, welcomes new members, kindles new fires


JACKSON – Bishop Joseph Kopacz inscribes the Pascal candle at the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle during the Easter Vigil Saturday, March 31. A new fire burns in every parish in the Diocese of Jackson thanks to the celebration of Easter on Sunday, April 1. See photos from Holy Week on pages 8-9 of this edition. (Photo by Maureen Smith)
















Holy Week youth pictures here

Holy Week at Parishes pictures here