Meeting examines school culture

By Maureen Smith
JACKSON – Principals from all the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Jackson had a two-day meeting Nov. 13-14 in Jackson. The gathering focused on the upcoming system-wide AdvanceEd accreditation. Principals discussed the culture of their schools, which is an important factor in the accreditation process.
A couple of principals brought presentations so they could share best practices with their colleagues.
Bridget Martin of Southaven Sacred Heart School spoke about using data to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Kimberly Burkley from Natchez Cathedral’s elementary school demonstrated how she conducts observations and Joni House from Columbus Annunciation spoke about how she fosters her school’s culture through day-to-day practices and activities including a prayer circle for teachers and staff.
The principals also learned about how personality types impact communication. Wynde Fitts, senior associate dean of students at the University of Southern Mississippi, gave the participants a personality test and demonstrated how their personality traits could impact how they interact with people who had different traits.