St. Richard School moving to Meadowbrook

By Joe Lee
JACKSON – If you have a student at St. Richard Catholic School, your initial reaction to the news that they’re relocating next year might be panic. How might the move impact your commute to school and work each day? How much earlier will the morning routine have to begin?

Relax, because the beloved elementary school will be less than a quarter mile away, at 4261 I-55 North Frontage Road in a church building that presently sits empty.

“St. Richard parish and school were presented with the opportunity to purchase the property that housed the Meadowbrook Church of Christ for many years,” said Celeste Saucier, St. Richard School director of development. “The Diocese assisted by granting a loan to the parish and offered assistance through the Office of Education.

“The move allows for greater exposure to the frontage road and better ability to expand and grow over time. It provides space for a high-grade STREAM Lab (Science, Technology, Religion, English, Arts, Math), a flex space for studying and projects, and a refectory. Naming and investment opportunities are available as the school begins their capital campaign.”

“We will start classes in August 2025 under the advisement of the diocese,” said Father Joe Tonos, St. Richard pastor. “We will use the period between January and August for tours, and for “test runs” of some of the older classes (grades 4-6) using the facilities to make sure all is in order for fall 2025.

“The elementary students can walk with their classes over to the (empty) church and back quite easily as it stands now. There is a full chapel at the new site which will be used for liturgies and services for the school. It will also be available for conferences, musical recitals, and programs.”

For more information on St. Richard School visit or call (601) 366-1157.