Around our Catholic Schools

HOLLY SPRINGS – Teachers at Holy Family School collaborated while starting the process of reviewing the English/Language Arts academic standards on Tuesday, Jan. 2. (Photo courtesy of school)
MADISON – St. Anthony students Hunter Smith, Collin Rayner and Greta Kate Ostrenga work together to build a sailboat during a STREAM lesson on Friday, Jan. 5 at St. Anthony School. (Photo courtesy of school)
JACKSON – Mrs. Sandel’s Pre-K3 class wrapped her in wrapping paper for their Christmas party at St. Richard School. (Photo by Chelsea Dillon)
SOUTHAVEN – For an Advent Service on Dec. 11, each Pre-K through second grade student placed a leaf on a circle on the gym floor to form a wreath. Then the candles were added, followed by the lighting of the candles and the singing of the “Advent Song.” (Photo by Sister Margaret Sue)
MADISON – St. Anthony sixth grade student Natalia Rojas spends time with second grade student Matthew Price preparing for First Reconciliation. (Photo by Kati Loyacono)
COLUMBUS – Annunciation fourth graders recently participated in a Science Fair. They presented their projects to the entire school and visitors, alike. (Photo by Logan Gentry)

Posadas, Belen and Reyes Magos

By Berta Mexidor
JACKSON – In the Latino Hispanic tradition, Christmas starts with Posadas, weeks ahead of Dec. 25, and ends on Jan. 6 with the celebration of the Epiphany.
Every Christmas season, parishioners decorate the building with nativity scenes, “El Belen” that include each protagonist of the most important event for the Christian community worldwide. The decoration came alive when people started representing the season’s most important moments.
The Posadas (translation for Inn) is a remembrance of the time when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place where pregnant Mary could deliver the baby, but only received rejections.
Posadas are a procession during the night, led by Mary and Joseph’s actors accompanied by people singing villancicos (Carols for this special occasion), and holding candles.
“The Pilgrims…
I’ve asked you for lodging
Dear innkeeper
Because the mother is going to be
The queen of the heavens.

The Innkeepers…
Then if it is a queen
Who requests it
How is it that at nighttime
She’s traveling so alone?”

Posadas are hosted by a family who opened their house’s doors at the end.
At the Christmas vigil, the Nativity scene is alive with people impersonating the story’s characters.
The Epiphany, in most of the towns, is celebrated with a big parade where three people impersonate the Reyes Magos (the wise men), who distribute sweets, and gifts among the crowd. This action is replicated at home by adults giving gifts to children.

PONTOTOC – Parishioners of St. Christopher parish represented the Nativity scene during “Posadas.” (Photo by Aracely Nieves)
PEARL – St Jude parish celebrated “Posadas” on Wednesday, Dec. 20. In front, Jospeh and Mary are looking for a room at the inn. (Photo by Lauren Roberts)