Around the diocese



PEARL – St. Jude youth group played the “imposter” game at a recent gathering. Pictured: (l-r) friend of Ashley Lowe (standing), Ximena Villafranca and Anna Lowe. (Photo by Adeline Bokros)


VICKSBURG – Recently, Vicksburg Catholic School eighth graders met for a day of reflection, prayer, small group discussion and liturgy with the school retreat team – START. (Photos by Lindsey Bradley)


s part of their Catholic identity, St. Patrick School restored their St. Patrick statue and placed him at the front of the school with Holy Water for students to bless themselves each morning and afternoon as they leave. Blessing themselves daily will remind them of their baptism and to imitate Christ in all things. Pictured: First graders practiced the correct way to bless themselves. (Photos by Owen Kasey)