Liturgical Norms for the Diocese of Jackson regarding the distribution and reception of Holy Communion

The following norms are in place for the Diocese of Jackson. More norms and directives may be found on the diocesan web site at

The Holy See establishes universal norms for the reverent celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. As part of this process the Holy See asks each bishops’ conference to establish norms and directives for its country or region. Furthermore, a local bishop may establish directives for his own diocese in line with the national and universal directives and norms.

Therefore, the following norms for the distribution and reception of Holy Communion in the Diocese of Jackson have been established by Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz in line with Holy Mother Church’s process for establishing liturgical norms and directives.

  • All COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted for almost a year now.
  • Communicants may receive the consecrated host in the hand or on the tongue. It is the communicant’s choice in how to receive not the minister of Communion’s. Do not refuse people who would like to receive on the tongue or in the hand.
  • In the Dioceses of the United States, which includes the Diocese of Jackson, the posture for receiving Holy Communion is standing. This applies to all Masses no matter the language or community. A minister of Communion should not refuse someone who kneels to receive Holy Communion, but kneelers and/or the implementation of a communion rail are not allowed.
  • Distribution of the Precious Blood from the chalice is approved again. Keeping in mind that the ideal is for both species to be available, a pastor currently has the option to dispense distribution from the cup in times of flu or Covid outbreaks that present a danger to the community.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may be used to assist in the distribution of the Precious Blood and Consecrated Hosts.
  • Purification of the sacred vessels must be done by the priest, deacon or instituted acolyte.
  • Under no circumstances is a communicant allowed to self-communicate by taking a consecrated host from the ciborium or paten. The minister of Communion must place the host on the communicant’s hand or tongue.
  • A communicant is never allowed to intinct (dip) the consecrated host into the chalice of Precious Blood.
  • Currently, intinction by the minister of Communion is not an option in the Diocese of Jackson.

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