School is ‘nifty’

JACKSON – St. Richard fifth graders perform their “Fifty Nifty” program on the 50 states for students and parents on Friday, March 23. (Photo by Joanna Pudister King)
(Left) St. Richard Kindergarten teacher, Kate Morris leads her class by the Stations of the Cross on their way back to class. (Photo by Tammy Conrad)
CLARKSDALE – Father Raju and parishioners at St. Elizabeth enjoy a special St. Patrick’s Day Lenten luncheon on Friday, March 17. (Photo by Catelin Britt)

Grandparents day at Annunciation school

COLUMBUS – The McConnell/Thomas family join hands for The Lord’s Prayer during the grandparents day Mass at Annunciation School. (Right) Annunciation students demonstrate their robotics projects to their grandparents. (Photos by Logan Waggoner)