SOUTHAVEN – Sacred Heart School’s seventh grade baptism study included the students making their own candles. Pictured is Fernanda Bermudez working on her votive candle. (Photo by Sister Margaret Sue Broker)

MERIDIAN – St. Patrick assistant teacher, Jasmine Jordan aids kindergartener Matthew Rush with finger painting. (Photo by Emily Thompson)

MADISON – St. Anthony third graders work on a science project in Ms. Holder’s room. Pictured left to right: Isaac Smith, Aspen Taylor, Sydney Beard and Cruz Warwick. (Photo by Kati Loyacono)

VICKSBURG – AP Biology students participated in an Animal Behavior Lab exercise learning the response to environmental variables. Katelyn Clark and Sara Beth Johnston observed animal behaviors relating to environmental stimuli and courtship behaviors. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)

JACKSON – The shape of the week was a square and these St. Richard PreK-3 students got “hands on” when making their very own squares. Clockwise from top: Josie Ball, Oliver Metzger, Townes Crews and Louise Simmons. (Photo by Tammy Conrad)

FLORA – After a time out with their coach, the Jr. Bruins march back for another play versus the Tri-County Academy Rebels on Thursday, Aug. 25. The Jr. Bruins are made up of fifth and sixth grade students from St. Anthony and St. Richard schools. (Photo by Joanna Puddister King)