CLINTON – Holy Savior senior graduates pose for a photo with Father Thomas McGing after Mass on May 15. Pictured l-r: Tristan Ballard, Abigail Vargheese, Chenoa Dillion, Father McGing, Katherine McCombs and Matthew Weiss. (Photo by Trish Ballard)
NATCHEZ – Emma Loomis and Molly Anderson exit the Baccalaureate Mass at St. Mary Basilica. (Photo by Cara Moody)
VICKSBURG – Father Rusty Vincent speaks to St. Aloysius students. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
MADISON – St. Joseph Graduate John Hornback is pictured with Doug Hornback, Father Albeen Vatti and Katie Hornback. (Photo by Amy Hornback)
JACKSON – St. Richard fifth graders had a party day on May 24. Students competed boys versus girls by passing balls with their feet into the pool. (Photo by Tereza Ma)
YAZOO CITY – St. Mary parish held a Children’s Mass on Sunday, May 22, with children serving as lectors, altar servers and greeters. Pictured is Will Foster reading. (Photo by Babs McMaster)
LELAND – St. James seniors: Leland Selby, Eleanor Zepponi, Magdalin Prewitt, Graci Pickell and Brett Chustz are pictured with Father Sleeva Reddy Mekala. (Photo by Glenn Pickell)
WEST POINT – J.T. Pope experiences his first time altar serving, surrounded by seminarian Grayson Foley, Deacon Carlisle Beggerly and Bishop Joseph Kopacz, for the ordiantion of Carlisle Beggerly to the transitional diaconate at Immaculate Conception parish on June 4.