Crowning Mary

JACKSON – Sister Thea Bowman Elementary fifth grader, Ashleigh Mason accepts flowers from Kindergarteners, Karmen Davis and Kahlie Saleem, along with other Kindergarteners and Father Joe Dyer. The flowers were placed before the Mary statue during the Crowning Mary ceremony held after Mass on Friday, May 6. (Photo by Shae Goodman Robinson)
SOUTHAVEN – Sacred Heart students, Mac Collins and Izzy Viglietti serve as attendants as Gwyneth Michael crowns Mary during Mass on Wednesday, May 11. (Photo by Laura Grisham)
CANTON – Nicole Contreras, María Fernanda Tibet and Denise Contreras prepare to crown Mary at Sacred Heart Parish. (Photo by Blanca Peralta Zunigo)

Catholic student life

JACKSON – On Friday, May 6, St. Richard fifth graders performed Fifty Nifty United States. Students showed what happens when the States decide to visit and swap spots with each other. (Photo by Tereza Ma)
WEST POINT – Confirmation candidates, left to right, Paola Garcia and Paulina Lemus, are pictured reaching out to prospective donors for the Confirmation students annual blood drive that took place on Wednesday, May 25. Other candidates also made calls, distributed posters and flyers, and worked on the day of the drive, welcoming prospective donors and offering snacks and assistance; as well as, setting up and cleaning up. (Photo by Cathy Johnson)
GREENVILLE – St. Joseph students Raymon Singh, John Maddox Hillman, Jerrian King and Lori Ann Hughes compete in a team building exercise at their Junior Retreat. Working together is a necessity. (Photo by Emily Thompson)