Senior Wellness Resources

St. Catherine’s Village believes that health and wellness is promoted through a holistic approach that encompasses physical health plus emotional, social and spiritual well-being. In addition to healthy, nutritious dining options throughout the day, there are many supervised and unsupervised fitness activities available.

These include daily exercise classes including aerobics and water aerobics, a large indoor heated swimming pool, a walking path and biking trails, and an on-site fitness facility with rowing machines, elliptical, stationary bikes, treadmills, weights, and resistance bands.

“There is nice scenery as (residents) walk or ride their bikes, a nice big pond, bird houses, and geese surrounding it,” said Lakeisha Love, assistant activity coordinator for Independent Living at St. Catherine’s Village. “We also take group walks around the lake sometimes.

“A lot of residents are not confident in their abilities, so we will basically challenge them to do things they do not think they are able to do. They always thank us the next day for giving them the extra push, (and) always say they feel better physically.”

“There is not personal consultation to get residents involved in different activities,” Love said. “It is up to the individual unless we have a resident ask what they could do to strengthen a certain part of their body, and our answer is always come to stretch class, or we will give them the specific exercise that will work for them.”

There’s also an emphasis at St. Catherine’s on the heart, brain, healthy eating, chronic diseases and more, with support groups for specific illnesses, medical conditions, and caregivers.
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“Realizing that our population is an aging one, St. Dominic’s created a wellness program to meet the unique needs of mature adults,” said LeAnn Henderson, manager of New Directions for Over 55. “Built on the premise that social interaction, enrichment opportunities and wellness education help promote healthy, active lifestyles among seniors, New Directions over 55 brings all these and numerous benefits together in a membership-based program.”

The program offers chair yoga, ballroom dance, an exercise class called Be-Fit, hiking groups known as the Trailblazers, the Live Well program (which focuses on the seven aspects of wellness), and classes accessible by cellphone. Pickle ball classes are even coming soon.
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“A lot of people are hesitant to join a facility and exercise in a group because they fear not knowing how to use the equipment,” said Amy Batson, manager of The Club at St. Dominic Hospital. “We give prospective members a tour as well as an explanation of how to use the equipment. Also, we’re on the medical fitness side, as opposed to some clubs and gyms that don’t emphasize that side of it as much, and we’re all degreed staff members when it comes to training and fitness.

“We have water aerobics classes, a Seniorcise class that combines cardio, stretching and strength training, equipment such as treadmills, bikes and weights, and a fitness instructor you’ll meet when you join who will help craft a plan that best fits your needs. We also offer a reduced membership rate for hospital employees.”

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