School life around diocese

COLUMBUS – On Friday, March 25, students at Annunciation school joined Pope Francis, Bishop Joseph Kopacz, and other Bishops around the world in praying the Rosary for peace and an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
HOLLY SPRINGS – Anita Temple assists in judging science fair projects at Holy Family School. (Photo by Phyllis Parker)
JACKSON – St. Richard student, Ruby Hospodor serves up the ball during a volleyball match on April 7 against First Presbetarian Day School. (Photo by Tereza Ma)
JACKSON – Students Brennyn Bolden and Cassie Anderson from St. Joseph Catholic School in Madison head out of the Cathedral of St. Peter after the Consecration of Russia, Ukraine and the Diocese of Jackson to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday, March 25. (Photo by Tereza Ma)

Student life at Catholic schools

Fifth grader, Bryson Walk presents his reading fair project to judges. Anne Larkin Vollor looks on. (Photos by Emily Thompson)
NATCHEZ – PreK-3 teachers, Paige Iseminger and Hailey Tosspon with assistants Dana Dupre and Jody Upton, took their students outside for their prayers for peace time for Ukraine and Russia.
NATCHEZ – Pleasant Acre Day School requested assistance on replenishing their supply of Mardi Gras beads and Cathedral Green Wave families were happy to help. Pictured is Torri Webber’s first grade class assisting with loading up beads to be delivered to the day school. (Photos by Cara Moody)
MADISON – Fifth and sixth grade students at St. Anthony directed aplay. Pictured are Kee Curro, Arie Strong, Lily Kate Lloyd and Maddie Morris. (Photos by Katie Signa)