From the heart

HOLLY SPRINGS – PreK and Kindergarten classes at Holy Family worshiped ‘body and soul’ with Brother Diego Diaz, SCJ. After listening to the lives of the saints, the children sang and danced to the song “Te Amo (I love)” by Israel and New Breed.
HOLLY SPRINGS – (Above) Delivering hot Thanksgiving meals to senior living facility across from the school in Holly Springs is a Holy Family tradition.

Mass – Motion – Friction

COLUMBUS – Annunciation fifth graders, Amy Cancellare, Josalyn Lee and Jack Clemons, work to finish their unit on forces and motion. They did a lab to test how the mass of an object affects its motion. They started by forming hypotheses, measuring the mass of four different balls, completing a test of rolling each ball down a slide and timing its motion. They finalized the lab results by creating graphs and forming conclusions. Turns out, mass does affect motion, but friction can change your results! (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)

109 and counting

CLARKSDALE – This year St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church in Clarksdale stepped it up a notch to celebrate their parish feast day. Father Raju Macherla invited Bishop Joseph Kopacz to join in on the celebration with Mass on Friday, Nov. 12. Reconciliation was held on Saturday, then a closing Mass with a thanksgiving meal was provided on Sunday, Nov. 14. Many families came to the event to reflect on the 109th anniversary of the parish. Pictured is Luke Agostinelli assisting Father Raju Macherla. (Photos by Derrick Faucheux)