May Crowning

GREENVILLE – St. Joseph senior, Madison Cain crowns Mary with the help of Simar Thomas. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick Catholic School first grade students Kayleigh Johnson and Kyler Hill place roses in front of Mary during the May Crowning Children’s Mass on Thursday, May 5, 2021. (Photo by Emily Thompson)
Abby Grace Roach and Camilla Jeffers crown Mary during VCS’s May Crowning. (Photo by Lindsey Bradley)
COLUMBUS – May Crowning was held on Monday, May 3 at Annunciation School. Eighth graders and prekindergartners brought flowers to adorn Mary. Pictured is eighth grader, Armando Leyva placing Mary’s crown. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
MERIDIAN – St. Patrick School first grader Valentina Espino places a crown of flowers on Mary during the May Crowning Children’s Mass Thursday, May 5, 2021.(Photo by Emily Thompson)
NATCHEZ – Cathedral School second graders Skylar Huff, Alexa Hardy, Kate Carlton and Clifford Tillman place flowers in front of Mary during the traditional May Crowning. (Photo by Amy Gamberi)

Survival in the Arctic

JACKSON – St. Richard students learn about how animals can survive in the Arctic region. Pictured is first grade teacher Rachel Caver with Garrett Fridge, Asher Smith and Mia Nasif. (Photo by Chelsea Hamilton)