Read Across America Week

MADISON – Assisi Early Learning Center students GB Gann and Nash Smith celebrated Read Across America Week with some green eggs and ham. On Thursday, March 4, each class read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, and sampled the cuisine! (Photo by Stephanie Brown)
NATCHEZ – On March 2, Cathedral School first grader, Evelyn Morris read Fox in Socks to her class during Read Across America/Dr. Seuss week and took part in Silly Hat Day. (Photo by Cara Serio)

Give blood – Give life

NATCHEZ – On Feb. 26, the Cathedral School National Honor Society hosted a successful blood drive on campus, with a total of 29 donors. Pictured is Junior, Meredith Lessley donating blood for the first time. (Photos by Cara Serio)

Ready … Set … STREAM

CLARKSDALE – St. Elizabeth students worked on a STREAM project with teacher, Jane Rutz, called collapsing columns. Students took six pieces of typing paper and rolled six columns, securing each column with three pieces of scotch tape. Students then had to arrange the columns on a table and place books on top of the columns, one at a time. The strongest set up held 22 books! (Photo by Mary Evelyn Stonestreet)

Stone soup, anyone?

MADISON – St. Anthony Pre-K3 students made Stone Soup, which focuses on the valuable lesson of sharing. Pictured is Fenton Little adding his contribution to the mix. (Photo by Kati Loyacono)

Working away or a play?

GREENVILLE – Second grade students are dressed and practicing for a play with St. Joseph High’s production, Beauty and the Beast, Jr. Pictured from bottom left clockwise: Olivia Nevels, Bellani Smith, Addie Thompson, Jacqueline Moore and Emma Clanton. (Photo by Nikki Thompson)