Youth news

CHOCTAW – Confirmation at St. Therese Church in Choctaw was originally scheduled in April 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic, then postponed again after some candidates were quarantined after exposure in November. Confirmation was finally celebrated on Sunday, Dec. 6. Pictured left to right: Sierra Wallace, Kelin Kelly, Sydney Nickey, Veronica Williams, Father Bob Goodyear, S.T., Onnahili Williams, Katelin Williams and Alexis Williams. (Photo courtesy Father Bob Goodyear)
GREENVILLE – Students from St. Joseph collected canned food donations for several weeks for St. Vincent de Paul. On Nov. 20, they were able to drop off and sort through all of the donations for a special Thanksgiving distribution. St. Vincent received 256 clients and passed out about 265 food bags with the students help. (Photo courtesy of St. Joseph Catholic School)
CLARKSDALE – Students at St. Elizabeth School took time to honor the feast day of St. Elizabeth on Nov. 5. Students brought pasta (instead of bread like usual) for the care station. (Photo by Mary Evelyn Stonestreet)
COLUMBUS – At Annunciation School, Father Jeffrey Waldrep helps kindergarten student Kate Ross Miller make her thanksgiving day bracelet. Kindergarten students read a thanksgiving story about the meaning of each color on the bracelet while they made it. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
JACKSON – Fourth grade students at St. Richard School enjoy some well earned free time on their iPads after a spelling test. (Photo by Maya)
COLUMBUS – Sixth grade students learn how engineers design and construct buildings to withstand earthquake damage by building their own model structures using toothpicks and marshmallows. They experimented to see how earthquake-proof their buildings are by testing them in an earthquake simulation made of Jell-O. Pictured left to right are Jayden Lee, Joseph Portera and Campbell Callaway. (Photo by Katie Fenstermacher)
NATCHEZ – Cathedral School has a newly founded shooting team led by alumni Coach Nathan Stubbs (’99) and Coach Ryan Marchbanks. On Saturday, Nov. 14 the Cathedral School ‘7SorrowsShooting’ team traveled to Sardis to compete in the Mississippi Scholastic Shooting Program. Coach Stubbs and Coach Marchbanks, along with parents accompanied and supported the team at McIvor Shooting Range. Several boys shot their personal best. The game wardens and officials noted how well-mannered and polite the boys were during the competition. Pictured is Coach Ryan Marchbanks on right and senior, Hartley Pyron, at the competition. (Photo by Jessica Stubbs)