MERIDIAN – (Above) St. Patrick Parish Confirmation, Aug. 22, First Row (l-r): Father Andrew Nguyen, Hannah Grace Hannington, Kirstie Graves, Maci Manning, Dennilyn Hoang, Callie Matthews and Marisol Garcia.
Second Row: Miller Hodge, Zane Pritchard, Toan (Tom Tom) Nguyen, Seth Auzennne, Father Augustine Palimattam, Zachary Purdy, Rebecca Lee and Maria Mayo-Ramos.
Pictured Below: Hayden Dickerson receives the sacrament of Confirmation from Father Augustine Palimattam. (Photos by John Harwell)
VICKSBURG – St. Michael Parish, Confirmation, Front Row: Faith Beamish, Samantha Graves, Alana Latorre, Anna Lamanilao, Christina Waisner and Keely Ramshur. Middle Row: Victoria Morehead, Katlyn Donovan, Julia Liggett, Mary Reilly Powell, Grace Gannon, Leah Larson and Maggie Roberson. Back Row: Father P.J. Curley, Dillon Chambers, Andy Bufkin, Father Robert Dore, Jack Gannon and Carter Magee. (Photo by Helene Benson)
JACKSON – Gemma Metzger celebrated her First Communion at St.Richard Parish on June 21. (Photo by Gina Metzger)
OXFORD – St. John the Evangelist, First Communion, July 17, Pictured (l-r): Garrett Klawitter, Daniel Peters, Jack Whelan, John Whelan, Emily Guerrero, Alyssa Schamell, Hailey Thompson, Ashley Neal, Father Joe Tonos, Celestina-Ly Rodrigues, Lila Merkel, Madeline Thornton, Mary Elizabeth Brents, Collins Helveston, Jacob Albright and Grayson Knapp. (Photo by Gene Buglewicz)
AMORY – Georgie Hesse and Loretta Seifert received their First Holy Communion on Saturday, Aug. 29, at St. Helen Church in Amory in a special Mass with their families. (Photo by Jean Pinkley)
PEARL – Patience Beatrice-Celeste Brown received the sacrament of Confirmation on July 26 at St. Jude Parish. She is pictured with her proud parents Allison and Kimberley Naylor. (Photo by Kimberley Brown)
VICKSBURG – (Above) St. Michael Parish, First Communion, Front Row (l-r): Ashlyn Naya, Blakely Farrell, Andrew Blake and Sophia Purdy.
Back Row (l-r): Lanie Weeks, Mary Helen Bradley, Father Robert Dore, Noah Ponder and Jackson Ratliff. (Photo by Helene Benson)
FOREST – St. Michael Parish, First Communion class. (Photo courtesy of Father Roberto Mena, ST)
GREENWOOD – Father Joachim Studwell, OFM celebrated the sacrament of First Communion on Saturday, Aug. 1 at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. (Photo courtesy of Father Joachim Studwell)
SOUTHAVEN – Henry Bowling of Holy Spirit Hernando celebrated his First Communion at Christ the King Parish on Aug. 1. (Photo by Terra Bowling)
CARTHAGE – St. Anne Parish, Confirmation, Front row: (l-r) Father Gustavo Amell, ST, Tracy Lopez, Daysy Modesto, Yazmin Gonzalez, Yocelyn Gonzalez, Evelio Ramirez and Nicodemo Lopez (catequist). Back row: (l-r)Edgar Modesto, Anthony Garcia, Sandra Perez, Father Odel Medina, ST, Efrain Lopez, Giovany Garcia and Karol Lopez. (Photo courtesy of Oscar Aguilon)
St. Anne Parish, Confirmation, Front row: (l-r) Hugo Agustin, Marco Vasquez, Mirna Miranda, Yesica Lopez, Cheryl Salvador, Suleima Anahi and Nicodemo Lopez (catequist). Second row: (l-r) Anderson Morales, Father Odel Medina, ST and Hector Raul. (Photo by Gionavy Garcia)
FLOWOOD – Alexander Jose Quintero celebrated his First Communion at St. Paul Parish on Aug. 9. He is pictured here with his family after the service. (Photo by Carolina Quintero)