Meet Andrew Bowden

Andrew Bowden is in his third year of Theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. He entered the seminary after graduating from Brandon High School in 2014.

Andrew Bowden

Home parish: St. Jude, Pearl

Background: I am from Brandon. I have lived in Mississippi my whole life.

What is your vocation story? Who influenced you and why?
I’ve wanted to be a priest for as long as I can remember. Father Martin Ruane, my first pastor, was a big influence.

What draws you to diocesan priesthood? And to the Diocese of Jackson?
The Diocese of Jackson is my home. Prayer and discernment have made it clear the diocesan priesthood is how God wants me to serve him.

What are your hobbies/interests?
I like to listen to music, walk in nature and read. I also play the French horn.

Who is your favorite saint?
The Blessed Mother is easily my favorite saint.

Do you have a favorite devotion?
The Servite rosary is probably my favorite devotion. It reflects on Mary’s seven sorrows.

Who is your favorite sports team? The New Orleans Saints.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a seminarian? And the most challenging?
I’ve enjoyed getting to meet so many people in the diocese. The most challenging part has been being away from the diocese for so long [while I am away at seminary].

What advice do you have for those discerning a vocation?
Seminary formation is difficult and will be a long journey, but it will be worth it in the end.

Where can people send you a personal note?
Andrew Bowden, 2901 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118