Youth news

Junie B. Jones – a production

MADISON – St. Joseph school drama students presented “Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook” on Nov. 14. From left to right, Hannah Dear as Junie, Georgia Conrad as Lucille and Natalia Igwebuike as Grace. (Photos by Tereza Ma)
(Center) Hannah Dear as Junie was unbelievably funny and added real character to the book. Dear is a senior at St. Joseph and is involved in volleyball, SEARCH committee, St. Richard Faith and Life, youth choir and is employed of Lemuria in Jackson.

Fun times at St. Patrick school

MERIDIAN – William Skinner from Fire Department Station One visits with students. Pictured from left to right, Stephen Wilson (back), Macarena Frias (front), Star Cayer, Ellis Farmer, Elizabeth Crudup and teacher, John Harwell, Church Youth Director and religion teacher. (Photos by Celeste Saucier)
Police Department appreciation day! Fifth grader Laney Palmer, hands out the projects and letters of appreciation from other grade levels. Each grade level, Pre-K3 to sixth grade contributed to the project.
Pre-K4 students Avery Hook, Alden and Josiah Christian learn about how Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and enjoy a healthy snack.

Turkey feast

GREENVILLE – Why do turkeys eat so little? Because they are always stuffed. Unfortunately, not all of us are turkeys and there are a number of people, both young and old, in the Greenville community who go throughout the day without anything to eat. Members of St. Joseph church youth group reached out to St. Vincent de Paul to see how they could help this holiday season. This young and charismatic group worked diligently to fill 300 food bags with stuffing mix, mushroom gravy mix, vegetables and a host of other tasty treats that were distributed to those in need for Thanksgiving. (Photo by Alyssa Ingram)

JACKSON – St. Richard school hosted a Thanksgiving feast for students and their relatives. Pictured on left is Chamblee Ezelle with her mom Shelley having great time as Father Nick Adam talks to parents in the background. (Photo by Tereza Ma)