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Vacation Bible School

Madison, Ms

St. Francis of Assisi Miraculous Mission theme for VBS, children working on their “Mary, Queen of the Universe” prayer booklets.
4 year-olds – 4th grade “astronauts” perform at the closing VBS program
(Photo by Mary Catherine George

Greenville, Ms

A Wilderness Adventure Through the Sacraments –Jesus in my Heart Noah Signa, Ashley Alexander, Campbell Hooker, Ann Leighton Maranto and Warren Signa.
(Photo by Rayetta R. Serio)

Flag retirement at St. Richard

JACKSON – On Sunday, June 30, Jackson St. Richard Parish hosted its annual Fourth of July Celebration. At the start of the picnic, the Boy Scouts hold a flag retirement ceremony using flags the parish has turned in. American Flags which are torn or worn out can be retired by burning if the ceremony is conducted in a proper way. The Knights of Columbus had an honor guard on hand for the service. As a side note, this is the last time the Knights will wear this regalia. Starting in July, they will wear the new regalia, which uses a beret-style hat instead of the feathered hat and a jacket. (Photo by Maureen Smith)