Diocese will publish abuse report

The Diocese of Jackson will join the Catholic dioceses in this province including the Archdiocese of Mobile and the dioceses of Biloxi and Birmingham in publishing the names of clergy and religious who were removed from ministry due to credible accusations of abuse of a minor. The cases go as far back as the 1940s.
It is a time-consuming effort to examine each clergy personnel file from the last eight decades. This effort is underway and will be completed as quickly as possible.
The Diocese of Jackson is committed to protecting children. Sexual misconduct by church personnel violates human dignity and the mission of the Church. The Diocese is committed to ensuring that children being served by the Church are not at risk of sexual abuse by Church personnel. The spiritual well-being of all victims, their families, and others in the community is of particular concern to the church.
Over the past 30 years, the Diocese of Jackson has developed and implemented a safe environment program. The Diocese has publicized standards of conduct for its priests and deacons as well as diocesan employees, volunteers, and any other church personnel in positions of trust who have regular contact with children and young people. Beginning in 1986, the Diocese implemented a written policy and procedure regarding reporting and handling of sexual misconduct claims. The policy was updated in 1994 with the addition of a Diocesan Fitness Review Board and again in 2002 so that it would reflect the mandates of the Bishops’ Charter.
The Diocese of Jackson is committed to protecting our children and young people from abuse at the hands of clergy, religious and lay ministers as well as equipping young people with knowledge, confidence and tools to help them recognize and protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations in every aspect of their lives. The Diocese is also committed to transparency and ongoing improvements to our policies.
Anyone who has been a victim of abuse or exploitation by clergy, religious or lay church personnel and has not yet reported it is encouraged to do so. The Diocese of Jackson places no deadline or time limits on reporting. The Victim Assistance Coordinator, Valerie McClellan and Vicar General, Fr. Kevin Slattery are available to assist in making a report. The contact number for the Victim Assistance Coordinator is 601/326-3728. The contact number for the Vicar General is 601/969-2290.
For more information about the Diocesan policies and procedures, you can visit the diocesan website at www.jacksondiocese.org.