Padre Capó visits V Encuentro delegates

By Sister Maria Elena Mendez, MGSpS
JACKSON – Father Rafael Capó, director of the Pastoral Institute of the Southeast (SEPI), visited on Sep. 5, the Diocese of Jackson’s delegates to the V Encuentro to be held at the end of the month. In this preparatory meeting, Father Capó reminded delegates that they are the representatives of all Mississippi Latinos. He encouraged the team to be prepared intellectually, but also spiritually, studying the documents and assuming the whole task.

Sister Maria Elena Mendez, Brother Ted Dausch, Danna Johnson, Father Rafael Capó, and Mazy Ismar meet to prepare for V Encuentro.

Father Capó explained delegates are not going to participate just in another conference, the V Encuentro is a conclave to work by order of the U.S. Bishops. Despite the small size of the delegation, it showcases the diversity of the community in Mississippi carrying their challenges and hopes.
“You are sent, first by the bishop, but this is also like links in a chain,” Father Capó said, referring to the fact the four delegates also belong to the southeastern regional delegation. The V Encuentro will be held in Grapevine, Texas, from September 20-23. “The V Encuentro is, according to the Pope, a moment of grace” Father Capó concluded.

(Sister Maria Elena Mendez is a coordinator for Hispanic Ministry for the
Diocese of Jackson.)