Students, supplies, teachers blessed for new year

JACKSON – Above, backpacks lined up in front of the altar at Christ the King Parish await their turn to be blessed Sunday, Aug. 5. Ecclesial Minister Deacon Denzil Lobo blessed the children, students, teachers and all those who worked with schools. All of them also received a pencil that said “I am a child of God” and a pin badge for their backpacks that said “I Love J.C.” Many of the students attend Sister Thea Bowman School, which is attached to the parish. (Photos by Gina Lobo)










VICKSBURG –At left, Father Tom Lalor extends a blessing to the children of his parish, St. Paul, on Sunday, August 5, at the 10:30 a.m. Mass. Many of these children attend Vicksburg Catholic School, which started classes Tuesday, August 7. (Photo by Allyson Johnston)

PEARL – At right, Father Lincoln Dall snaps a photo of backpacks waiting to be blessed at St. Jude Parish while the director of religious education, Stacy Wolf, begins the blessing service. (Photo by Rhonda Bowden)