Carmelites celebrate feast day with novena, Mass, feast

By Maureen Smith
JACKSON – The Carmelite Community welcomed visitors for a novena leading up to the Feast of Mount Carmel culminating with a special Mass on Sunday, July 15, at their monastery in South Jackson. Eight priests concelebrated and the chapel was packed with well-wishers.

After Mass, the Sisters welcomed their visitors to stay for a picnic on the grounds. Earlier this summer, several Knighs of Columbus Councils donated work days to clean the grounds and repair some of the facilities. The Carmelites have been in Jackson since 1951. The cloistered nuns devote their time to prayer for the Diocese of Jackson and operate a gift shop on their campus.
Their website includes a description of their community: “Our Carmelite calling is in the tradition of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. In the context of our troubled world, we are called to re-create a contemplative presence, integrating solitude and silence in an atmosphere of sisterly Communion.
“As directed by St. Teresa of Avila, our life is aimed toward service of the Mystical Body of Christ; through prayer and contemplation of the things of God we are spiritually sustained by solitude and a life of simplicity.”
There is a community of secular Carmelites attached to the Sisters. These are laypeople who dedicate themselves to the charism of St. Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. Those interested in learning more about the secular Carmelite community can contact Sondra Powell at