2017 Diocese of Jackson Seminarians

The Diocese of Jackson currently has 10 men in discernment for the priesthood serving in parishes or studying at one of three seminaries. Please keep them in your prayers. Anyone interested in learning more about vocations in our diocese can find contacts and details on the vocations page of the website: www.http://jacksondiocese.org/about/offices/vocations/

Deacons to be ordained May 31, 2018
Deacon Nicholas Adam
Deacon Aaron Williams

Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, La
Mark Shoffner
Adolfo Suarez Pasillas
César Sánchez Fermín
Franklin Eke
Andrew Nguyen

Sacred Heart Seminary, Franklin, Wis.
Carlisle Beggerly

St. Joseph Seminary College, St. Benedict, La.
Andrew Bowden
Tristan Stovall

L-R bottom: Adolfo Suarez Pasillas, Mark Shoffner, Deacon Nicholas Adam, Bishop Joseph Kopacz, Deacon Aaron Williams, Andrew Nguyen, 2nd and 3rd row Andrew Bowden, Franklin Eke, group of Knights of Columbus 2nd row on left Tristan Stovall.