Youth offer service in their own community

STARKVILLE – St. Joseph youth shoveled, hauled and spread nine yards of gravel at the Starkville Humane Society Animal Shelter in order to enhance a former dog walk on the Animal Shelter grounds. (left to right) Emily Anthony, Alida Perez and Lily Grado. (Photos by Jeff Artigues)

While cleaning and organizing at the Habitat for Humanity warehouse/resale store, Pepito Thelly front, left and Justin Rollins carry a bathroom countertop. Working in the background are Joseph Chromiak, Calvin Richey, Bryan Richey, Emily Anthony and two adult supervisors.

Joseph Chromiak, (l-r) Alida Perez, Justin Rollins and Emily Anthony. Removing excess gravel at the Habitat for Humanity warehouse.

By Deacon Jeff Artigues
STARKVILLE –From July 31 – August 3, 11 teens from Starkville St. Joseph Parish served God and their community by participating in a week of service titled, HomeWork. For the past 10 years, the youth have volunteered at various worksites throughout Starkville, Tupelo and the Delta.
The idea behind HomeWork is that while going out of state and out of the country to do service work is honorable and needed, there are plenty of people in need in our own communities.
The youth spent the week cleaning and organizing the Starkville Habitat for Humanity warehouse/resale store, cooking for the St. Joseph Grand Generation luncheon, preparing and serving dinner at the Casserole Kitchen, adding gravel to a dog walk (previously done at HomeWork 2011) at the Starkville Humane Society shelter, unloading a delivery for the church’s food pantry, painting at Camp Seminole Boy Scout Camp, and sorting through a thousand plus pounds of clothes at the Palmer Home Thrift Store.
Recently, I heard someone on the radio complaining about today’s teens, and wondering what the future holds for us with “them” running things in about 30 years. I wish he could have seen what I witnessed during this week (and all throughout the year). These teens could have been doing anything during this last week of their summer vacation, but they chose to serve Christ through serving those in need. Don’t be worried about the future – we’re in good hands.
(Deacon Jeff Artigues serves at Starkville St. Joseph Parish.)

Commissioning Day

JACKSON – St. Richard teacher Sarah Sistrunk washes the feet of Cy Stephen in St. Richard’s Commissioning Day Ceremony for the 2017-2018 6th Grade Graduating Class. The students are commissioned as servant leaders for their last year. (Photo by Wendi Shearer)














Students all smiles to start school year

CLARKSDALE – Students from St. Elizabeth School came fresh and ready for their first day, Monday, Aug. 7. (Photos by Dawn Spinks)


VICKSBURG – Even the littlest students, such as pre-k student Vida Mixon, in photo at right, were excited about their first day at Vicksburg Catholic Schools. (Photo by Holly Chewning)










HOLY SPRINGS – The students at Holy Family School opened their school year with a day filled with prayer, scripture and song. (Photo courtesy of Laura Grisham)

VICKSBURG – Children of St Paul Parish gather to receive the annual Blessing of the Backpacks from Father Tom Lalor. (photo by Allyson Johnston)










JACKSON – St. Richard’s Charlie Thompson receives a pencil from a Madison St. Joe Bruin Cheerleader during carpool the first week of school. The St. Joe Cheer team visited all the Jackson-area Catholic Elementary Schools, including Jackson Sister Thea Bowman and Madison St. Anthony to get the students pumped up about the new year. (Photo by Wendi Shear)