Day honors couples

JACKSON – Bishop Joseph Kopacz honored 77 couples who marked special wedding anniversaries this year at a Mass for World Marriage Day. Dovie and Wayne Munlin of Houston Immaculate Heart of Mary, could not attend the Mass, but were remembered for 71 years of marriage. The annual event is sponsored by the Office of Family Ministry.
Including the Munlins, nine couples marked 60 years or more; 31 couples celebrated 50 years or more and 27 couples marked 25 years. A full list of honoress along with more photos is available on the website,
After the Mass, families gathered in the cathedral center for a reception. The idea of celebrating marriage in this way began in Baton Rouge, La., in 1981, when a group encouraged the city’s mayor, the governor of Louisiana and their bishop to proclaim St. Valentines Day as “We Believe in Marriage Day.” The event was so successful, the idea was presented to and adopted by Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s national leadership.

Nina and Pascual Cruz from Batesville St. Mary, 50 years

Linda and David Harcharik from Jackson-St. Peter, 50 years

Kathy and Steve Bizzarri from Jackson, St. Richard, 52 years

Kathleen and Michael Mansour from Greenville, St. Joseph, 25 years

June and Owen Williamson from Vicksburg, St. Paul 65 years

Johnnie and Houston Patton from Jackson Holy Family, 51 years

Jere and Pat Roy from Batesville, St. Mary, 50 years

Jennifer and Christopher David from Meridian, St. Patrick, 25 yearas

Georgeann and Phil Hale from Natchez, St. Mary, 50 yers

Gayle and Francis Prattini from McComb, St. Alphonsus, 50 years

Emma and Dennis Santos from Clinton, Holy Savior, 30 years

Dede and William McCormack from Jackson, St. Peter, 50 years

Chris and Tom Patin from Vicksburg, St. Michael, 50 years

Cathy and Jon Matthews from Pearl, St. Jude, 50 years

Carolyn and Jack Daughtery from Crystal Springs, St. John, 50 years

Belinda and Juan Vargas from Gluckstad, St. Joseph, 25 years

Asuncion and James Cannon from Pearl, St. Jude, 25 years

Ann and Earl Chastant from Flowood, St. Paul, 50 years

Angela and David McNamara from Jackson, St. Richard, 60 years

Anette and Michael Tipton form Grenada, St. Peter, 25 years

Villa and Ildefonso Ibale from Clinton, Holy Savior, 25 years

Teresa and Maxwell Beluso from Clinton, Holy Savior, 25 years

Sharon and Curtis Hopkins from Clinton, Holy Savior, 50 years

Santa Serrano and Guillermo Benitez from Jackson, St. Therese 23 years

Rosemary and Lewis Grantham from Clinton, Holy Savior, 50 years

Pat and Lin Bloodworth from Batesville, St. Mary, 50 years

Navidad and Damian Roman from Jackson, St. Peter, 25 years

Myra and Hugh Logue from Vicksburg, St. Paul 50 years

Missy and Lamar Fisher from Pearl, St -Jude 25 years

Michele and James Orsborn from Jackson, St. Richard, 25 years

Mary Nell and Wayne McMaster from Vicksburg, St. Paul, 60 years

Marie and Willard Garnett from Tupelo, St. James, 65 years

Margret and Joseph Jones from Gluckstadt, St. Joseph, 50 years

Margaret and John McAleese from Flowood, St. Paul, 63 years

Lori and Eric Kimes from Gluckstadt, St. Joseph, 25 years