Chanche Medal honorees showcase diocesan gifts

JEFF ARTIGUES – St. Joseph, Starkville
“Jeff selflessly gives of his time, often behind the scenes, without recognition and simply for the joy of serving others. He works tirelessly with an inspirational level of dedication, heading everything from our most difficult to our most menial tasks, all while maintaining a sense of humor.” (faith formation, youth ministry, candidate for diaconate)

LUIS BORRELL – St. Joseph, Meridian
“Dr. Borrell is the cornerstone of our Hispanic ministry and does so in a humble and unassuming fashion.” (liturgical ministry, service, pastoral council, Knights of Columbus)

“Her leadership in, love for and participation in the liturgies is the glue that holds this parish mission church together. She is the concrete of St. John the Baptist, mission of St. Mary. She is totally dedicated to keeping St. John the Baptist in Sardis a viable community.” (liturgical ministries, prayer leader, flower ministry)

TALMADGE CARTER – St. Joseph, Woodville
“Talmadge’s faithful and dedicated witness to her ministerial and pastoral duties has inspired new parishioners at St. Joseph to offer their stewardship of time, talent and treasure as a ‘vounteeristic thank you’ for her ministerial spirit.” (liturgical ministries)

JOAN CLEARY – St. John, Oxford
“Joan is a stellar figure in the parish and I believe the diocese. Most of the parish thinks of her as the ‘church lady’ … (she exhibits) tireless devotion; gives and does not count the cost, as I’m reminded in the Ignatian prayer.” (sacristan, liturgical ministries, hospitality)

DAVID and MONA COBB – St. Joseph, Gluckstadt
“Their care and respect for the youth, who are often misunderstood and overlooked, has been a tremendous blessing to our parish. David and Mona listen to these young people, they respect their ideas, struggles, successes, failures and attempts. They guide with a wisdom few possess.” (finance council, education, youth ministry)

MICHAEL CRANDALL – St. Francis of Assisi, Madison
“At a time when the parish was struggling to build its own sanctuary and Family Life Center … he was instrumental in making that a reality … He is one man who demonstrates a great love for his parish and he takes his faith seriously.” (Knights of Columbus, parish council, finance council)

St. Alphonsus, McComb
“Both Pauline and Gerard have an infectious and generous voluntary zest. They love to greet new parishioners and help them assimilate into the church family, assisting their ease into the Gloster community at large. Catholics and non-Catholics alike know their generous hearts.” (pastoral and finance councils, church maintenance, service projects)

JULIE HARKINS – Holy Savior, Clinton
“She goes beyond the call of duty (and paid hours) to travel from home to parish events. She helps generously in a quiet way to meet the needs of parishioners, shut-ins … for most of her adult life she has been dedicated to the work of the church at parish and diocesan level.” (parish secretary, Catholic Foundation, youth ministry, parish activities)

KERMIT and DAISY HARNESS – Holy Family, Jackson
“When one drives onto the grounds and sees the blooming rose bushes or flowering shrubs or goes into a classroom and sees the whiteboards on each wall or looks on the floor to see the age-appropriate religious-themed rugs or sees the kitchen cabinets or sees other projects completed, one sees can see how their service has made a difference in the parish.” (beautification, music ministry, projects as needed)

JEFFREY and CHRISTI HOUIN – St. James, Tupelo
“Jeff and Christi bring a great deal of enthusiasm and joy to our parish community. They are always reaching out to new families who come to the parish … as a priest I know they are always there for me and always giving me a kind, encouraging word.”
(Knights of Columbus, music ministry, liturgical ministries, marriage preparation)

St. Mary Basilica, Natchez
“Both offer their service, support and insight for projects they consider important in the parish and the community. Amanda spends countless hours each week as director of the Stewpot… I don’t think either Benny or Amanda see the use of their time/education/expertise as a sacrifice, rather they see it as the right thing to do.” (pastoral and finance councils, community service, liturgical service)

THOMAS EDWARD LEWIS – St. Richard, Jackson
“Since almost the moment Tom was confirmed via RCIA in 1991, he has taken an active role in service to St. Richard Parish and to the community. He has spent untold hours working at the parish in various ministries. Tom is available for his parish whenever he is called upon and very often, Tom is the one that identifies the need and volunteers his service. (RCIA, computer work, Christian Service Committee)

Immaculate Conception, Clarksdale
“I am not afraid to say that a lot of Mrs. McDaniel’s work around Immaculate Conception has helped keep the parish alive … she has helped keep the doors to the parish open as well as bring many people back into the church.” (business manager, service outreach, hospitality)

St. Michael, Vicksburg
“Because they are serious about their ministries, they take advantage of most every opportunity to further their own faith and spiritual development. They participate in parish, diocesan and regional faith formation opportunities for catechists and lay ministers.” (faith formation, music ministry, youth ministry)

Sacred Heart, Camden
“He faithfully visits the shut-ins and brings them Communion, even as his own health was failing… It’s hard to find people willing to go and visit the shut-ins on a consistent regular basis. The shut-ins really feel connected to the parish community and the community to them.” (Eucharistic ministry, hospitality, cursillo)

ROLAND STEWART – St. Patrick, Meridian
“He is a true servant of God in our Catholic Community of St. Joseph and St. Patrick, in our diocese and in the city of Meridian and surrounding areas.” (evangelization, faith formation, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Peter Claver)

TENY TUMINELLO – St. Alphonsus, McComb
“She is our parish historian. She breathes life and stories into the names listed in our history. She is a direct link to the earliest beginnings of our parish. (parish council, liturgical ministries, parish historian)

Our Lady of Victories, Cleveland
“Mary Helen is one of those people in a parish who stays in the background, but who is instrumental in the success of many parish activities, from liturgy to non-liturgical gatherings.” (liturgical ministry, hospitality)

JUNE WICHERS – St. James, Magnolia
“She deserves this award because she does everything, prepares the church for Mass, rosary, Stations of the Cross, arranges books, marks the readings. She sacrifices her time, work and money for her church. (liturgical ministry, pastoral and finance councils)

Youth honorees
BRANDI GROTHMAN – St. Joseph, Greenville
“Brandi is passionately Catholic, a strong leader and an evangelist. She turns every struggle into an opportunity to grow closer to Christ.”

MARY GRACE HUDSON – St. James, Tupelo
“Mace values her faith and is always wanting to learn more. Her qualities include a heart for service, a willingness to help when needed and she is a strong leader.”

BRIAN McHAN – St. Michael, Vicksburg, senior
“Brian is a kind, generous, loving and quietly unassuming faith-filled young man. However, he has never been afraid to say how important his faith is to him or to speak of the many blessings that God has bestowed upon him.”

SARAH ORR – Holy Savior, Clinton
“Sarah is not only faithful, but she exhibits reverence through leading fellow students in prayer and worship.”

St. Richard, Jackson, senior
“Megan’s faith has been a light for her and others around her. When she is surrounded by others who have faiths different from hers or no faith at all, she continues to faithfully express her Catholic religion in word and example.”

Holy Family, Jackson
“John ‘Jay’ is deserving of the award because of his willingness to help others… three qualities that exemplify him are patience, grace and dignity and leadership ability.”

St. Joseph, Gluckstadt
“Aren is an extremely responsible, dependable and driven individual. She is a natural leader by her example of excellence in all she does.”