November, month of holy souls, invites remembrance, prayer

JACKSON – During November the church remembers and honors those who have died – the saints and our loves ones. To honor All Saints Day, some parishes and Catholic schools invite children to dress as their favorite saint.
On All Souls Day, Nov. 2, and throughout the month of remembrance, the faithful gather to remember their deceased family members and loved ones with Masses, altars and the blessing of graves. The memorials are as different as our parish communities. In some communities, names are written in a book of the dead or on cards placed near the altar. In other communities, photos are displayed in a public space in the parish.
In some parts of Mexico, families set up altars for deceased family members that include photos, favorite foods or drinks, personal items, books and more. They believe they feel the souls of the departed visiting on that day. Some place lighted candles in the altar to guide them back to their home.
Throughout Latin America, big celebrations are held at cemeteries where families spend time near the graves of their loved ones, lifting up their souls with their prayers, stories and songs.