Katrina issue rescheduled for September

By Maureen Smith
Mississippi Catholic will publish a special section to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the Sept. 4 issue, not in this issue, as originally planned.
The staff decided to take an extra week to gather resources and reflections and include coverage from other outlets in the region in order to better represent what Katrina meant to this diocese and the Gulf Coast in general.
Parishes who host Katrina memorials are invited to share photos and reflections of those services to include in the special edition. Send photos to editor@mississippicatholic.com.
Many people fled to the Diocese of Jackson as Katrina neared the coast. Some settled here, others went home with a whole new network of friends to help in the rebuilding process. Catholic schools here took in more than 800 students for a time and Catholic Charities spent months tending to those who lost so much.
There are so many stories to tell from the storm and its aftermath and we look forward to gathering and telling them in your voices.