St. Dominic’s receives grant to purchase emergency smart device application

050115pulsarJACKSON – St. Dominic’s Hospital has received a grant from Astra Zeneca to purchase a smart device application known as Pulsara that provides real-time interaction between field emergency personnel and the hospital’s critical care team. St. Dominic’s will be the first hospital in Mississippi to use this groundbreaking communication platform.
With this application, emergency workers can enter critical information about patients who are having cardiovascular or stroke emergencies. The patient’s information is then sent to alert the hospital’s emergency department before the patient’s arrival.
“This process is extremely monumental in decreasing cardiovascular disease mortality rates,” said Christy McGregor, RN, BSN, Coordinator for St. Dominic’s Level 1 Heart Attack Program. “The Pulsara communication model will help decrease door-to-balloon times for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) and stroke patients. These decreased times translate to better outcomes for our patients, including less time spent in the hospital, quality of life and mortality.”