Cathedral Holy Day Mass offered in Latin

JACKSON – Dec. 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is the patronal feast day of the United States. It is a holy day of obligation. Because it is on a Monday, the Diocese of Jackson recommends no Vigil Masses for the feast day be scheduled on Sunday evening.
If a parish already has a Sunday evening Mass that Mass would fulfill the Advent Sunday obligation and not the feast day. Therefore to fulfill both obligations we will have to go to Mass two days in a row. If a parish is planning a Guadalupe celebration for Dec. 7, the Mass must be for the Advent Sunday Mass. The opening collect for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe may be used to close the intercessions. Guadalupe festivities should not be held on Dec. 8.
At. St. Peter Cathedral, the 5:15 p.m. Mass will be in Latin, except for the Liturgy of the Word. “Latin is the first language of the church and the liturgy,” said Mary Woodward, director of the diocesan liturgy office. “We wanted to offer Latin on this feast to celebrate some of the ancient traditions of our church,” she added.
According to Woodward, the Mass will be the ordinary form of the Roman Rite and should not be confused with the extraordinary form, which is often called the Latin Mass. The Mass will include Gregorian chant, antiphons and Mass parts, including the Gloria, in Latin. The readings, homily, Creed and intercessions will be in English.
“The ordinary form is celebrated in Latin throughout the world. One of the most beautiful Masses in which I have participated was at St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome where it is celebrated every Sunday in Latin with choir,” Woodward said.
Members of UnaVoce are partnering with cathedral music director, James Scoggins, to select the chants and hymns. Father Joe Dyer will be the principal celebrant.
A worship aid is being developed so that congregants may actively participate in the Mass. All are welcome.