Medals Awarded

By Maureen Smith
JACKSON – Thirteen previously unsung heroes were honored on Saturday, Feb. 22, in the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle with the Bishop Chanche Medal for Service for their work in the Diocese of Jackson. They came from as far as Tupelo, Amory, Hazlehurst and Madison to accept their accolade at the Mass celebrated in honor of the Chair of St. Peter, the patron of the diocese.

Bishop Joseph Kopacz celebrated the Mass, thanking each person individually for their work in their parishes. The Chanche Medal is given by the diocese annually to lay people who have dedicated their time and talent to their parishes or the church at large.

Joan Parsons

Lenn Pinkley

Jean Pinkley

Tracy Chaney

Peggie Clapp

Patty Darbonne

Margo Ferguson

Marion Amedee

O’Neil Amedee

Dan Twiner

Maddi Twiner

Enrique Amador

“We honor all the hours you have given without recompence,” said Bishop Kopacz in his homily. “Our flocks, our communities are so often held together by those who give their time and talent,” he added. The bishop pointed out that in the gospel story, Jesus had to rework St. Peter to be a servant-leader.

He asked the congregation to consider how the Holy Spirit had reworked each of them in their faith journey to be people of service. “We embrace the gospel because we have been embraced by the Lord. This is some of what Pope Francis said in his exhortation, the ‘Joy of the Gospel,’” said Bishop Kopacz.

Nomination forms for next year’s awards will be due in November. (not pictured: Caroline Fierro from Tupelo)