Couples honored for dedication to marriage, family

By Maureen Smith
JACKSON – More than 40 couples from across the Diocese of Jackson came to he Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle on Saturday, Feb. 4, to celebrate significant wedding anniversaries and honor World Marriage Day. Bishop Joseph Kopacz presented each couple with a certificate and congratulated them on their commitment to family life. The Office of Family Ministry organizes the annual celebration.
Barbara and Charles LeBlanc of Clinton Holy Savior Parish represented the most years at 65, followed closely by Margaret and John McAleese of Flowood St. Paul, who celebrate their 64th anniversary this year.
Eight couples were marking 60-year anniversaries while 19 claimed golden 50 jubilees. An additional 9 couples came to celebrate their 25th anniversaries. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops calls World Marriage day “an opportunity to focus on building a culture of life and love that begins with supporting and promoting marriage and the family.”
After the Mass, the couples and their families were treated to a reception at the cathedral center. See more photos at

Barbara and Charles LeBlanc_65 years

Margaret and John McAleese_64 years

Maria and Hollis Felts_61 years

Virgie and Joe Azar_60 years

Rita and Billy Martinson _60 years

Pat and Edgar E. Nalker_60 years

Margaret and Roland Farmer_60 years

Mamie and Robert C. O. Chinn_60 years

Geraldine and Richard Anderson_60 years

Geraldine and Abbie Dupont_60 years

Darlene and William G. Smith_60 years

Vicki and Wayne Pittman_50 years

Teresa and Maurice Preuss_50 years

Sandra and Richard T. Clark

Patty and John Watts_50 years

Patsy and Johnny Prewitt_50 years

Marilyn and Robert Croft_50 years

Marge and James Kovach_50 years

Jo Beth and James McGilbra_50 years

Jane and Rodney Hipp_50 years

Helen and Amnuey Chiemprabha_50 years

Eileen and John Lawson_50 years

Diane and Edward Cwiklik_50 years

Cindy and Charles Calias_50 years

Beverly and Mac Durastani_50 years

Anne and Robert McElvaine_50 years

Adella and David Hicks_50 years

Deborah and Lee Martin_40 years

Lina and Jose Lopez_30 years

Traci and Tommy Avalon_25 years

Susan and Joselito Espiridion_25 years

Sue and Owen Junkin_25 years

Rosa and Dan Buzzarde_25 years

Paula and Henry Morgan_25 years

Linda and Max Polk_25 years

Leticia and Jose Medina_25 years

Beth and Charles R. Herron_25 years

Beth and Charles R. Herron_25 years