Cowbell Catholic leads Eucharistic Procession across University campus

By Sydni Vandevender
STARKVILLE – Over 100 Mississippi State University (MSU) students participated in Cowbell Catholic’s semesterly Eucharistic Procession across the university campus on Thursday, April 4.

The procession route began at the Chapel of Memories, crossing the Drill Field and ending in the Junction outside Davis Wade Stadium. The procession concluded with 30 minutes of Eucharistic Adoration in the Junction and a talk from Father Rufino Corona, TOR, a friar at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Father Rufino said it was an honor and privilege to get to process with the Blessed Sacrament around Mississippi State and spoke on why the procession was important to him.

“The fact that our Lord makes himself vulnerable even to be presented among those that don’t know who he is. It’s more important for him to be present,” Father Rufino said.

Casey Dinkle, who serves as a Liturgical Coordinator for Cowbell Catholic alongside Griffin Mahoney, noted that they delegated over fifty roles to students to facilitate the procession. Dinkle said the procession is now one of his favorite college memories.

“There is something really beautiful about walking with our Lord and Savior,” Dinkle said. “Proceeding with Him invites us to be a public witness to the faith and to our belief in the true presence in the Eucharist.”

Kester Nucum, who led the schola cantorum for the procession, reflected on his experience preparing for the event.

“I’ve served in the Music Ministry at my home parish for many years, yet this is the first time I organized music, headed rehearsals and led the choir by myself,” Nucum said.

Nucum said that while leaving the procession, he was stopped by a group in a car curious about the event.

“[They] asked what was going on and I was able to explain that, ultimately, we were bringing Jesus and His grace to everybody on campus,” Nucum said.

During part of the route, which was just over half a mile, Father Rufino helped carry the Blessed Sacrament alongside Father Jason Johnston, pastor and chaplain, and Deacon Jeff Artigues, of St. Joseph parish. Father Rufino expressed that the procession was especially beautiful to him as MSU is a state public school.

“Not only not faith affiliated, but also sometimes faith opposed, though that was not my experience at Mississippi State,” Father Rufino said.

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