Celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart and 100 years of service

By Laura Grisham

SOUTHAVEN – The Mississippi SCJs, Dehonian Associates and members of the six parishes celebrated the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and 100 years of ministry in the US with Mass and dinner at Christ the King Church in Southaven on Friday, June 16.

Bishop Joseph Kopacz of Jackson was the presider and heralded the work of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, commending them on their 100th anniversary in the United States and good works in Mississippi.

Speaking on Priests of the Sacred Heart’s commitment, Bishop Kopacz said, “Going in different directions from Europe to the United States and beyond … this is really the impulse, the beating heart of Christ going out to all the nations, making disciples of all the nations. We celebrate 100 years of Dehonian commitment and charism. It has been in our midst for generations in this diocese, with ministries that respond … to the broken of the world.”

“In that spirit, we give thanks this evening, using the words of Pope Francis. He speaks of encountering, accompanying others and showing them the face of Christ. We can certainly say in the reality of Southern Missions and the 100 years (of the Priests of the Sacred Heart) in our country, that so many in the Dehonian community … have revealed the loving Sacred Heart of Christ,” said Bishop Kopacz.

100 Years of Dehonian Ministry in the United States
This year the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians) celebrate their 100th year of ministry in the United States. Beginning with a Palm Sunday Mass in 1923 at St. Mary’s Church in Lower Brule, South Dakota, the ministries of the US Province now extend from South Dakota to Wisconsin, Mississippi, Texas and Florida, reaching across ethnic, social and economic lines.

Dehonians, Priests of the Sacred Heart, SCJs – several names for a religious community of priests and brothers with a single mission: bringing the love of the Sacred Heart to those in the greatest of need.

SOUTHAVEN – Bishop Joseph Kopacz, the Mississippi SCJs and Dehonian associates paused after Mass for a group photo. The group recently celebrated 100 years of Dehnonian ministry in the US. The Priests of the Sacred Heart minister to several states – from South Dakota to Wisconsin, Mississippi, Texas and Florida. (Photo by Brother Andy Gancarczyk, SCJ)